Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ariel Power Gel: Free Samples

The only samples left, I distributed the rest to my officemates. It's what samples are for.

I just received a package from Ariel Sample Team. Now I get to finally try Ariel Power Gel, a new addition to Ariel's power line.

To get yours and other samples of P&G products go to

Monday, April 3, 2017

Before,During and After Mt. Capistrano

I can never be ready...

This is one of my first Mount Expedition and I had no regrets after (even until now).

My highschool friend suggested it and I was just on the sidelines engaging in the conversations but I didn't expect to be on the actual hike because I would be in Cagayan de Oro the night before the climb for a family dinner with my BBFF. Knowing dinners, they usually end up late and call time for the climb will be at 4 am at Malaybalay so that would mean a sleepless travel-tired-me about to climb a Mountain early morn the next day.In my mind, it's a no-no and I didn't had to argue with myself about the non negotiability of compromising self preservation with adventure just for fun.

...I can only give it my best.

But shit happens. Just kidding. I just happened to change my mind. I don't know what made me change my mind, maybe I missed being with my highschool friends (we hadn't seen each other for so long and we haven't had these kind of adventures when we were younger) or maybe I just wanted to take the opportunity to experience a new place with people  (take the chance while the company is still there) or maybe I just wanted to take my mind off from a recent heartache or could be that I just wanted to do something different for a change since my life had become boring or maybe,just maybe, my inner girl is surfacing (they say  girls has all the right to change their mind) or might be a mix of it all.

Whatever made me decide to climb that mountain led me to an impromptu shoe shopping. Buying a pair of new shoes is not in my budget list.My BBFF helped me scourge the mall for affordable shoes that grip. Dinner ended at 9 in the evening and I arrived in the boarding house at 10. I readied my backpack and it was past 11 already when I finished. Our target meetup at Malaybalay terminal is at 4 AM and the plan is to take the 1 AM bus from Cagayan de Oro City. So there's no ample time to have even a power nap. With a full dinner but with no sleep I stood on my ground that I'd still be climbing that mountain. There's no turning back.

Hailing and riding a taxi at almost midnight,I think, is the scary part but I braved it though. I don't like travelling at night because I can't see what's outside and it gives me motion sickness. Fortunately, the night travel went fine and we arrived safely and surprisingly early at Malaybalay City Bus Terminal.

12:45 AM  Departure time from Agora
                   Bus bound for Tacurong
                   Fare: Php 150.00
03:00 AM Arrived at Malaybalay City
                  Bus Terminal
Past 4:00 AM  we took a multicab en route to Aglayan Crossing.
Fare: Php 15.00

From Aglayan Crossing there are Habal Habal for hire that took us to Brgy. Simaya.
Fare: Php 30.00

The wind was cold and crispy on our faces and the sun hasn't shown up yet. Which was good since we wanted to climb up while it's still cool.

When we arrived there. We wrote our names in the log book. Rid our backpacks of with non-essential heavy things and left them at the sari-sari store for safekeeping. Environmental fee is Php20 per head.

It is a requirement to take a tourguide . The fee is Php500 for one tourguide. We split the fee among ourselves,got introduced with our assigned tourguide and proceeded to the foot of the Mount

At this moment I lost track of the time. I am definitely trying my best not to be overwhelmed and be overwhelming while writing this post. I will keep the descriptions short just to give you an idea but not spoil you of the experience you are yet to have.

The climb started off with the stairs composed of 298 steps.

Next would be the one with a rope to hold on and help you pull yourself .

This is followed by a trail with no more ropes.

Then the view starts getting bigger and better .

We then started spotting shrubs that bear these. They look like wild berries.

The trail with no rope led us to the trees. Then we encountered  rocks and then started seeing big rocks. One sure sign that you're almost at the top is when you start seeing big rocks.

People can't get away with vandalism though,even up in the mountains *tsk tsk

There's a campsite up there too.
Upon reaching the point of big rocks, the sun is already up but not yet scorching. The view was a sigh and a sight.

Since we've managed to arrive at the top,one should not go home without a good picture to remind us and maybe something  to boast off that we had done something new and something beyond our comfort zones.

To arrive at that picture perfect spot, we had to go around rocks.

Climb through bigger rocks and one last time,climb that rock.

Then you can take those selfies you can be proud of...

The view of the rice paddies,the mountains yonder and the cliff on our sides.. they don't look different up there. But the way you see it when you're up there, there is a big difference.

Getting down from that picture perfect spot rock was the tricky part. I had to admit,my knees went gooey that I almost do not want to come down for fear of falling or tumbling down. But I cannot remain up there either so with helpful hands we managed to bring me down. Makes me shake my head when I remember that part. haha.

After a light breakfast we went down the trail we took earlier meeting more and more friendly faces (like us) on our way down.

After Mt. Capistrano we had a side trip to Nasuli Spring to rest and cool down.

We rode the habal-habal from Mt. Capistrano to Nasuli Spring.
Fare: Php40
Entrance Fee: Php30

and...after that we traveled separate ways each leading us back to home.

We were blessed with good weather and a great sunset. I was very prayerful and reflective all throughout the day and I was again reminded that I am, I can and my God is great and mighty and that He made all things wonderful (that includes me and my circumstances).

Meet the blogger: with Wind blown hair,Sun kissed skin,Tired Feet but Happy

All photos here are not mine. All Credits to Nagi.😉

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Veritas Liberabit Vos

The truth shall set you free.

This has been repeated many times and heard everywhere but today, I experienced my own kind of "truth setting me free" moment. Just by acknowledging the truth, it seemed that a heavy thing has been lifted off my chest or more likely like strings binding my lungs have been cut. I do not know if you get the feeling I am trying to explain but....what is sure is that: It is liberating!

I did not expect it to happen, this is one of the few crazy things I did and usually I experience regret except for this one.

What I know for sure is that I've been missing this person for some time and I reached that point where I badly terribly miss this person so so much that without much thinking I sent the message I forbid myself to use since time forgotten. 

All my life I've been always scared of doing and saying things I haven't given time to think of. Most of the time I end up arguing with my thoughts and forever thinking the pros and cons and no matter what those are I do not do anything. I just let it be. Leave things on pending mode.

Now I finally said it.(to someone outside my family and friend circle) I finally accepted that I miss him and I do not feel terrible about the fact that I miss him. ( I do feel terrible missing him though).

I do not know what kind of force coaxed me into sending that message, but whatever it is, I am thankful.

The truth should not bind us, it should set us free.

Honesty is still the best policy...and the best kind of honesty is honesty with ourselves. (because who would want to live with a somekind of liar every single day)

This is my moment of truth, what's yours?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wee Hours Confession

There's the guy you cry for
The one who's for sure, there is no OR
Coz he could've been the one but gone somewhere with someone
You are just a fan and he's just fond.

There's the boy you cry about
The one who makes you want to scream and shout
Coz no matter how much you want to makes things right
You always lose the fight in getting him out of sight

Then there's the man you cry with
The one who's all-giving with no greed, yet you always reject like a weed
Coz no matter how much he deserves something hearty
you really cannot give from something that's empty.

Yes, here's the one who cries for them
Someone whose both amused and confused
on whether her feelings are that of a girl, a lady or a woman
Coz she'd rather think than base feelings on an organ
Someone who stays up til dawn
Coz she doesn't even know how to fake some yawn.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The picture and the text are not related, I just want to use my GodSon's picture: One of his many adventures of growing up

Falling is when you let go
Like when you're tired of dangling and holding on
Flying is when you take a leap and discover that you can soar
Falling is for the tired
Flying is for the courageous, brave and daring
Falling is hoping someone would catch you
     knowing you'd end up on the ground if they don't
Flying is relying your survival and the outcomes on your ability
     and not blaming circumstances on other people

To everhopefuls:

Fly in love this time
You tried falling and no one caught you
     not even the ones who told you they would.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lettuce Salad (para sa mga katulad kong Kambing na may Beyngs)

What you'll need:

1 medium head Lettuce
2 medium sized Tomatoes
1 small bulb of onion
ginger strips
Iced Water/Cold water

Mixing Bowl
Copping Board

1. Wash the lettuce leaves and set aside.

2. Wash the tomatoes and slice , do not include the seeds (I prefer cubes because they look pleasing to the eye)

3. Peel onion and slice into thin strips. You have to cut the onion into thin strips so that it goes unnoticeable in your salad. This way, picky eaters get to eat them than spend a lightyear separating them good onions from the salad.

4. Peel Ginger and cut also into thin strips. The more ginger you use, the more flavor you get.

5. Ready your ice bath. This is just cold water in a big bowl or basin for your lettuce leaves. Dip the leaves into the cold water and drain. Do not soak for too long,the goal is to perk the leaves up that they may come out crisp.

6. Slice the leaves.

7. In a mixing bowl, combine the sliced tomatoes,ginger and onions. 
8.Add salt to taste and squeeze calamansi juice. Remove the lemon seeds for they tend to give off a bitter taste, The lemon gives life to your salad. When you don't put lemon and just use mayonnaise, Mauumay ka (Sorry there's just no exact word for umay).

9. Add mayonnaise,stir and taste to your liking. Add more salt depending on your preference. For first timers, use Lady's Choice Mayonnaise for a no-fail salad. We only use Lady'd Choice Mayonnaise at home and no other. But you can always use other brands of mayonnaise but some are sweet to the taste so you'll be needing more time to get the perfect taste. I say, save the other mayonnaise brands to your future experimentation (if you want).

10. Mix in the leaves

11. Enjoy your salad as part your meal or as a snack.

I forgot to take a picture of the salad I prepared for I ate it right away. You should try this one, really. You may start with a small sized head of lettuce if you're having doubts with the salad. But for me? There's no saying NO when I'm offered with this salad. I don't order salads when dining out because I know what delicious salad tastes .(for me)*winks

Monday, April 13, 2015

Keychain for the Woman?

Our Executive Director gave this souvenir from his latest trip. 

A keychain from Vigan City.

I'd like/love to go there....soon maybe.

Vigan is known for its ancestral houses but there is so much to explore in Ilocos from Food to Sand dunes to Windmills and many things in between.

I have to admit I am yet to sort what the design means. teehee! What I'm sure of is that sign etched is the gender symbol for female (Venus sign).

See you Vigan (soon!) 
-----super crossed fingers!