Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pocket Wi-Fi

Since I'm in school, I found a greater need to find an access to internet connections for researches regarding projects and assignments. Last Sunday I applied for a pocket wi-fi postpaid . Beforehand,I was contemplating on which of the three networks should I apply to : Globe?Smart?or Sun Cellular? My friends use Smart and I slashed Globe (oops,sorry) out of my choices since I frequently see negative posts in facebook about their connection signals. My friend,suggested that I try Sun Cellular since they seem to have a steadier 3G signal here in the city.  I opted for the 1 month unlimited connection and shelled Php2,899.00 with breakdown as follows:

Modem -  Php2,000 (if ever in the future you would want to downgrade or upgrade,you'll just have to pay the sim since you'll have the modem already)

Sun Broadband Wireless Postpaid H9 sim (64k)-included in the kit.

Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 899- Php 899 (I opted for the unlimited access since I can opt for a downgrade later with no additional contract charges)

Activation is 24 hours (as was told to me by the store personnel)

I was so excited that 24 hours seems so long to wait...sadly it took more than 24 hours for me. I called customer service hotline 4 times in a span of 3 days to request and do follow ups regarding the activation of my account and I only had it a while ago. The customer service personnels were so like apologetic about my concern and I'm so thankful that they did tried to respond to my concern as fast as they could. This is my first post using my first ever pocket wi-fi. 

What I like about the modem is it's so light and you can put it literally on a pocket :D. Easy to bring along and use anywhere. 
the modem also comes with a micro usb port
As for the signal,so far it's great with the full five bars. I'm yet to explore the other functions and settings of the modem thus I'll just post in the future whatever new things I'll be learning.