Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lettuce Salad (para sa mga katulad kong Kambing na may Beyngs)

What you'll need:

1 medium head Lettuce
2 medium sized Tomatoes
1 small bulb of onion
ginger strips
Iced Water/Cold water

Mixing Bowl
Copping Board

1. Wash the lettuce leaves and set aside.

2. Wash the tomatoes and slice , do not include the seeds (I prefer cubes because they look pleasing to the eye)

3. Peel onion and slice into thin strips. You have to cut the onion into thin strips so that it goes unnoticeable in your salad. This way, picky eaters get to eat them than spend a lightyear separating them good onions from the salad.

4. Peel Ginger and cut also into thin strips. The more ginger you use, the more flavor you get.

5. Ready your ice bath. This is just cold water in a big bowl or basin for your lettuce leaves. Dip the leaves into the cold water and drain. Do not soak for too long,the goal is to perk the leaves up that they may come out crisp.

6. Slice the leaves.

7. In a mixing bowl, combine the sliced tomatoes,ginger and onions. 
8.Add salt to taste and squeeze calamansi juice. Remove the lemon seeds for they tend to give off a bitter taste, The lemon gives life to your salad. When you don't put lemon and just use mayonnaise, Mauumay ka (Sorry there's just no exact word for umay).

9. Add mayonnaise,stir and taste to your liking. Add more salt depending on your preference. For first timers, use Lady's Choice Mayonnaise for a no-fail salad. We only use Lady'd Choice Mayonnaise at home and no other. But you can always use other brands of mayonnaise but some are sweet to the taste so you'll be needing more time to get the perfect taste. I say, save the other mayonnaise brands to your future experimentation (if you want).

10. Mix in the leaves

11. Enjoy your salad as part your meal or as a snack.

I forgot to take a picture of the salad I prepared for I ate it right away. You should try this one, really. You may start with a small sized head of lettuce if you're having doubts with the salad. But for me? There's no saying NO when I'm offered with this salad. I don't order salads when dining out because I know what delicious salad tastes .(for me)*winks

Monday, April 13, 2015

Keychain for the Woman?

Our Executive Director gave this souvenir from his latest trip. 

A keychain from Vigan City.

I'd like/love to go there....soon maybe.

Vigan is known for its ancestral houses but there is so much to explore in Ilocos from Food to Sand dunes to Windmills and many things in between.

I have to admit I am yet to sort what the design means. teehee! What I'm sure of is that sign etched is the gender symbol for female (Venus sign).

See you Vigan (soon!) 
-----super crossed fingers!

Brand New Day

Starting the day early by waking up an hour earlier than other people is an edge. I got the time to enjoy a lazy morning routine and finished the day's listed tasks before 10 in the morning. Plus, there's lesser traffic and walking is still enjoyable with the sun shining (but not scorching) and lesser dust and pollution from passing vehicles.

I got the time to look at bulletin boards and just take everything in.
Isn't it amazing? I Should do this more often.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

On a Fine Sunday

One very fine Sunday!
A day with no worries.
No specific activities
Just a plan to seize and make use of the day.
Just taking in the moment.
No brisk walking.
No thoughts flying .
No day dreaming.
Just being present in the "Here" & "Now"
Looking down at my feet, there is a mix of litter,dried leaves and fallen flowers scattered everywhere.
It looked like a mess until I refocused my sight.
I saw beauty in it. 
A purpose and a meaning.
Looking up, I saw a more beautiful view.
A view of hope and endless possibilities.
Each day is beautiful, only if we see and think it that way.
We don't have to blame people,events or things for ruining our day.
We should be reprimanding ourselves for overlooking the good things, the help and blessings.
Life offers something beautiful each day,
We just have to look around.
Look closer or look beyond,
Either way, there's something for us to see and marvel at.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fast & Furious 7 (closer you and I)

I am not a movie critic nor this is a movie review. I am just an ordinary movie goer who judges movies not by its cinematography etc. but by how the movie made me feel and on what the movie is trying to show and tell (or the lack of it).

All-in, the movie is worth a lot of thumbs up. You can see that my face has more to tell about the movie.hehe

I watched Fast & Furious 7 in 3D and no other words but "ooohhhh". I doubt if "Ooohhhh"'s even a word. Since I am wearing eyeglasses, I have to wear the 3D glasses on top of my spectacles (well, what do you expect? I'm like Harry Potter who needs to wear eyeglasses if we want to see what's in front of us. Harry Potter even wore his eyeglasses underwater. 
click this link to see-----> Seeker of Keeper)

So so so, with 3D glasses on I can say how beautiful flying cars are. Even the glass chunks from broken tempered glasses looked like sparkly diamonds and sometimes looked like stardust (stardust? Yes! my failing eyes saw stardusts. Excuse my eyesight).

I still have my movie hangover. (If you know what that means). Since the day is already special because it's Araw ng Kagitingan (a Holiday!) and the birthday of our Courier Friend from General Santos, the movie just made the day more special and a conclusion that my day was well spent with good things, good thoughts and a good friend. 

Plus, we got senti moments at the end of the movie where Brian's and Dom's car went separate ways and Seeing the familiar face of Nathalie Emmanuel (aka Missandei in Game of Thrones )and Nathalie Kelley (aka Neela in Tokyo Drift and the girl in Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are music video) moved the movie closer to my heart.

You too go watch the film and bring with you your Family.