Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What was mine will go. What was given to me will stay.

I went home to the mountains for the holidays and made some time to do a little clean-up drive in the house. My ma presented to me a box full of papers that I needed to sort out (according to her) so that we can dispose some of the clutters in the house.

The box contained my exam papers in kindergarten and elementary days as well as quiz papers and assignments from my highschool days. There were attendance sheets,cards,letters and artworks. I have to admit that I had second thoughts on throwing those things away specially that I consider them as remembrance as well as documentation on my performances at school when I was younger. I have to say, I did well. and I wonder why can't I do the same in this present times? teehee.

But some things have to go, and that does not mean the memory will go as well. The good old days will remain while the clutter must go. So I said goodbye to my high scores and very good remarks and managed to keep some of the artworks given to me? or demanded by me? from my friends in elementary.

To my friends:If ever you see these, I wonder if you could still recognize your works and can still remember our huge fascination on Anime TV Show Slam Dunk. :)

Credits to my friends