Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wee Hours Confession

There's the guy you cry for
The one who's for sure, there is no OR
Coz he could've been the one but gone somewhere with someone
You are just a fan and he's just fond.

There's the boy you cry about
The one who makes you want to scream and shout
Coz no matter how much you want to makes things right
You always lose the fight in getting him out of sight

Then there's the man you cry with
The one who's all-giving with no greed, yet you always reject like a weed
Coz no matter how much he deserves something hearty
you really cannot give from something that's empty.

Yes, here's the one who cries for them
Someone whose both amused and confused
on whether her feelings are that of a girl, a lady or a woman
Coz she'd rather think than base feelings on an organ
Someone who stays up til dawn
Coz she doesn't even know how to fake some yawn.