Friday, May 31, 2013

...Welcoming June with the rain as confetti

Summer is officially over and the rainy season is finally here. 
Goodbye to vacations and hello school!

Seriously I've been wonderin' why do we have June as start of the school year? Cold weather tempts us to be lazy and sleepy. Waking up early when all we want is to remain in the warm comforts of our bed is an everyday struggle. There goes the issue too of getting your shoes wet or  sometimes your feet and worst your dress and things. Honestly, I'd rather stay inside and starve myself than go outside to find food on a rainy day. (too lazy,you can say). How can you concentrate on homeworks and reviews when the drip drops of the rain in the roof sounds like a lullaby lulling you to sleep. sigh*

I know,ever since, that June is start of school and I've been going to school for many yearS.Surprisingly,I've never gotten over the thought. Since I cannot do anything about it I'll just have to do the June ritual.

1. Time to bring out those jackets tucked in the corners of my cabinet

2. Buy a sturdy umbrella (preferably a colorful one),not the one with much flowers though.

3.Set up the study area (time to keep the magazines and give mr.webster a special spotlight spot.

4. Set alarm clock. (by that I meant,buy new batteries and check if it's still working)

5. Start the training (the one where you sleep early and wake up the same time everyday).

6. Give yourself a Peptalk about how exciting school will be.

7. Take the vitamins you've been neglecting (upgrading the immune system I say)

8. Get yourself busy about other things to prepare before going to school (this way,you'll have lesser time to not to like school)

9.Get ready for the huge wave of written and reading assignments as well as popping quizzes and the unending activities that'd make you feel you're on an amazing race.

10. Never mind what I wrote above and just be excited of the thought that you'd be meeting lotsa friends and the possibility of stumbling upon a Mr./Ms. Inspiration.

Moreover,I'll just take it like I'm in a movie. I need to do well If I want to become the president of the country or become a role model or perhaps a runway model. 

I see that whatever we do good will bring us to good places.

Plus you'll make ma&pa proud along with the people you love and those who love you.

One great cheer for another school year. Gambatte! Let us do well

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

...cockfights on the dinner table

I just had this very interesting conversation with my office mate about cockfighting. From food and medicines to gambling in the cockfight arena,I was taking it all in. Cockfighting is no small thing,it's a big time activity.

Cockfights usually happen on Sundays.

There are many hand signals,codes,rules and even cheats and there I was thinking that cockfighting is just plain gamble. I swear! It is more than that! There are dextrose powders,skimmed milk,chopped carrots and potatoes,sharp blades,aircons,bath time,snack time,weigh monitoring and a whole lot more. The cocks seemed to have a luxurious life compared to their owners.

What amazed me though is the "KRISTO" which in my most decent translation is a person inside the arena which gathers your bets and records them mentally. Mind you, you can't fool them,they have more than above average memory. They get your bets through your hand signals and you're giving your bet among with others so how could they keep track of that? There are two sides in a betting game and they handle the bets for both sides! I couldn't say wow anymore,it's underrated.

Suddenly I want to witness a real cockfight, a derby perhaps?
Should you want to take me to one of those cockfights,I'd gladly take it into consideration provided that you'll assure me about my safety inside the cockpit and of course bring me safe home.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

...retro class cards

I am saying hello to class Cards!

Do you know what are those? I only heard about them from relatives who mentions them when they talk about the good old college days. Other than that, all I had was a hazy picture of what it might look like. You've probably heard your parents mention them or perhaps from your grannies. 

In this modern computer era I thought Class Cards don't exist anymore until today. Though you may think it's too old school to still have them or maybe freaking out that you're in a wrong era,but I am happy to be having my first hand encounter with the Class cards. Honestly,I did had those wrinkles in my forehead when I received the cards (What am I going to do with these?!) and then I managed to read what's in it and talked myself into it.

Class Cards were given at the end of the enrollment process wherein you are considered officially enrolled.It is a small size of sturdy paper (thicker than construction paper and with numbered series. You'll get a card for every subject you enrolled into.
Class Card (back)

Like a ticket that you need to present to get in a concert,it's like a pass you give to your instructor to get yourself into the class.

Class Card(front)
 The class cards stay with the instructor and you'll be having it at the end of the semester with your final grade encircled. Between that,I don't have much idea what happens . But if I were the instructor,I'm gonna be using it as reference when calling students to recite or maybe roll-calling for attendance.(*wink).

'twas a humbling experience yet at the same time I'm very boastful to have this experience that some of you might not have.
I'm sharing how it looks like because we might not have them anymore in the next years to come. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013 vino overload,there can be truth

a while ago,a good friend of mine is asking me about whether a person like him has a chance on someone like me. That one caught me offguard and I have to make sure whether he's drunk or not.Well he's not drunk,just a little sober maybe. Dwelling on the thought though, I am so curious why people  have these kind of questions when in the first place,it's not a question at all.It is a thought...just a floating thought. I do believe that asking this out loud is like an insult to both persons. Why would you think there is no chance?And if there really isn't,why do you say so? This is not a test you take in school where you should write `true` or `false`,or choose a,b,c,d or e writing the answers on the space provided. Nor an exam where the solution to the problem is shown. We live the answers to the questions that life gives us.

Everyone has a chance if we just take a chance. Only if we believe in ourselves,we are all capable and able. Let us try to minimize the instances wherein we tend to group people into "good","not so good","better" and "no good". See your potential and feel the miracle in you just waiting to burst into splendid beauty.Go take the chance,if you're happy with it,you will not regret it even if you flunked. There are no guaranteed things in this world.Everything and everyone is bound for a change.

As for my friend out there, i think I might also need the shots to give you a pointless answer. Now that I'm only drunk with tap water,I'll just have to tell you "only life can give a NO for an answer...the rest should always say YES to life"


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

...reality changers

I am not kind of a person with easy to fall feelings. Yes,I am appreciative of everything around me, from natural to weird things. I like a lot of things but I do keep a few that I love. 

Here are few things about the Narvaez family,great for start up.

Alexa Narvaez
Jorge-26 a father  of two who worked his way through college making him the first in the family to earn a diploma(imagine him studying, doing homework and changing diapers at night)He is a founding member of Reality Changers, a tutoring program for scholars. 

Alexa-8  so into art and minerals

Eliana-4 chunky monkey who loves candy and blueberries

They were younger in their videos.

It all started with a video of father and sleepy Alexa singing a cover of the song Home by Edward Sharp and the magnetic zeroes uploaded December 31,2010 (few days after,the video went viral)

Nancy with Eli
Mom and Dad are separated and so half of the week the kids stay with Jorge(dad) and the rest with Nancy(mom). They had Alexa when they’re still in high school when Jorge’s still 18.

Despite being separated, Jorge and Nancy remain to be good friends.Nancy has a boyfriend and Jorge now have Gisela (Girlfriend). They co-parent 50/50 literally

Alexa and Eli are normal kids…they have tantrums and even accidents.

I admire how these kids were raised with patience and discipline even if they knew that there are lots of fans around the world that will definitely spoil them.
No cable channels at home,they use Netflix (that way Jorge can monitor what shows were being watched)…up to now,there is still no cure for the Bieber fever and Jorge do have to brace himself.

The kids are exposed to art exhibits and music fairs. They frequently visit parks and beaches.

Candies aren’t freely given and the kids clean their own room .

Eliana (Eli) Narvaez
No soda. (how was that?)…one sure sign Jorge’s on the right track is that the kids demand to be given a salad for dinner.

This is not a perfect family, and that’s what makes it perfect.Life is an everyday affair and it goes on and on.  
All in, conversation within the family is a rope that keeps it together.

Know them more by visiting their Youtube channel Realitychangers. Be gentle on the replay button though. ;)

P.S. Reality Sunday means the video footage is one take and uploaded uploaded as is ; Check out too how he plays and handle the guitar.


...reality with Reality Changers

Negative emotions are like cancer. They eat you up.

I’ve been feeling so down since January of this year and I am so aware of it. In my search for an effective pick-me-upper I found none. But my newsfeed in Facebook is flooding with picture quotes from the pages I liked. And believe me, it might sound weird but they all seemed to match the situation and feelings I’m in.I’ve read books and watched movies. The messages were comforting and I was consoled but never uplifted until I’ve stumbled upon this video in facebook . A father with his daughters singing Christina Perri’s A thousand Years surely did brought a genuine smile on my face. It’s an ultimate bonding moment and I wanted to see more but there’s no link and so in my stalker mode I searched them in Youtube. After being so patient in typing possible keywords, opening every search hit and following links, I arrived at the channel realitychangers. Watching few of their vlogs (video blogs), I knew then that this family will be on my ‘love at fist sense” list.

I was looking for happiness through people with the same situation as mine ,through songs that evoke the emotions that I have, through the usual  things and It’s not effective for me in the long run. When people are so into Pink’s song “just give me a reason”, I was singing her song “Blow Me”at the top of my voice (in my head). The script’s six degrees of separation and breakeven were also on repeat on my playlist together with Taylor Swift’s The story of us along with other similar songs. Then, what now? What’s next? I see myself stuck in the bitter and reverse bittering stage. I can’t remain there forever and so I end up wiping all the songs in my phone and downloaded Realitychangers’ video to the full capacity of my memory card. I viewed the videos once online and I am watching them again and again in my phone.
Never did I thought that something I cannot relate to can bring such joy in me. That video showing up in newsfeed was meant to be. I didn’t know much about their story and I have many questions popping in my head like “Where’s the mother?” “What?25 years old? Same age as me?”,the answers to these questions were not readily available until I watched all their videos. I considered it a month of therapy. Now, I am always looking forward to the next video upload. 

This family inspires me in so many ways. It is right then that life doesn’t have the same answer to same situations (no formula), instead there could be a same answer to different situations (different test, different difficulty but same answers). A single person and a family on different situations have found the same answers to whatever situation they are into.

People may say what’s so new about video blogging, it’s just daily life recorded n video. Everyone else is struggling and everybody is striving like them. That’s it! Sharing your story to the world is a healthy thing for them and us. By knowing you are not alone is the ultimate relief you can ever have. But it is in sharing how you overcame the negative things that you bring a whole new light to some gloomy parts in the world. This is how we should inspire, not just by telling but by showing. The words are there and our life is a proof that those words do work.

I want to share this family to you.

Alexa,Jorge and Eliana Narvaez
I am still drafting my blog about introducing Narvaez Family to people that are new to their vlog. I hope ‘twill be helpful. Just a few details to lead you on.Hope it will be on my next blog.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

...narrowing down choices

I don’t want a Cinderella kind of story I prefer a Barbie kind of life.

Don’t get me wrong, I watched Cinderella over and over again. I admire her goodness and patience for her Stepmother and sisters, her cheerful optimistic attitude on the kind of treatment she has at home.  Every time I watch it, I am consoled by the thought that, no matter what happens and whatever situation you are in, there will always be people on your side (portrayed by the birds, rats and the fairy Godmother and even the horse) to cheer you up, feel for you, help you and even grant your wishes. I believe too that someday my Prince will come and that no kind of hindrance can prevent my destiny from reaching me even when I’m on the remotest hidden place in the world.

Yes, I think I got the story. 

In this kind of life I live, Romantic notions are not on my priority list, I agree to some thoughts that Love is a byproduct of your daily activity; More of an incentive or, in my terms, just a surprise freebie.
We don’t work hard to be loved; we work because we need money to live.

We don’t study well and do good in school to be loved, it is because we owe that to our parents/guardians for sending us to school and we owe that too to our dreams.

We don’t extend help to be loved, we do because it is rightful.

We don’t take care of ourselves and make effort to be pretty to be loved, we do that because we feel good being healthy and beautiful.

Our main goal in life is to live a good honest life and I do believe things will follow after that

And this is where Barbie comes in again. My father always teases me on my addiction to Barbie movies in college days saying I’m too old for such kind. (fact: cartoon figures were originally made for adults as humorous portrayal ).Eventually, the tease became a negative one. He thought that the reason why I’m skinny is that I don’t eat well because I wanted that Barbie figure. No,I am not! I repeat,NO. I love Barbie not because of her looks (oh well,It’s a plus that she’s beautiful), I came to love her because of her attitude and outlook in life. Whether it’s a fairy movie or the Diary movie, I see a strong independent woman. Yes, she does have friends like Cinderella and the rest of princesses does; (I vow not to make any comparisons). It’s just that Barbie is outright smart and effortlessly shows no effort to show it but then again, it shows. It’s a regal thing.

A life living to fullest in the most honest and dignified way.
Believing in the power of goodness of others and highlighting individuality. 
 Full of dreams,armed with confidence and the will to pursue them no matter what. 
Making new friends because there are really no strangers in this life, just friends we haven’t met yet.
 Being responsible in the fact that our responsibility isn’t just to ourselves and our inner circle of loved ones but to the community as well.
 Extending help whenever given the chance and provide aid wherever necessary. 
Seeing beauty in the smallest of things and being able to enjoy it. 
Making not so good decisions and sometimes being clumsy and not dwelling on it.
 Exploring curiosities and admitting we don’t know much, that there is more to what we know.
 Showcasing the power of honesty and of forgiveness and faith.

As  I see more of life, I gradually found out that there is more to life than prince charming. 

I like cinderellie (that’s how close Cinderella is to me,I call it ‘name of endearment’)

I love Barbie.

..simple as that or so I think

Monday, May 20, 2013

...of flogging and blogging

So many things happened in the past few days and I'd really want to write a blog about them. It is just frustrating though, that I cannot put my thoughts into readable form. All I have are many one/two liners that I just cannot put together. 

I tried to write them down on my ever trusty notebook that I carry wherever I go and I find myself flogged by a flood of words. Myself clearly isn't participating with myself.

Nevertheless, I'm sticking to maintaining this blog account. I know I have a spark of passion in this kind of writing thing, the same loyal passion I have for reading.

Good luck to my primer blogging. only gets better in time♩ ♫ 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

...finally giving in to temptations

STRIVE-to know more,knowledge is endless and learning is a lifetime process

THRIVE-promote individuality;acknowledge the complex phrase "we are all the same in many different ways"

LIVE- no one really knows how (it doesn't come with a 'one size fits all' manual)

Welcome to my first blog!  This is my response to the cries of my neglected self. Arranging my thoughts and putting it into readable form, a feel-good temptation I can guilt free.

(I copy-pasted this from my previous blog account. from May 11,2013 entry.)