Monday, July 21, 2014

Shinglines Beybeh!

It originally started with the page high-lighted lines. When I was on my heartbreak mode last February 2013. My plan was to post lines from songs and give credit to the original artists behind it. It would be a good time to know more of song titles too. It was named highlighted lines because in every song, whether we love the song or not, there will always be a line that will trigger our nerves. If we just take time to read the lyrics to Eminem or Slapshock songs, you’d be shocked to know that there will be a line or two that’ll make sense to you.

Aside from original lines, I also thought of maybe I can alter some lines to fit a certain situation or emotion. Like changing the words “she” to “he” and etc. But, It all remained as a plan. I was too busy moping and reflecting upon the songs I’m hearing that I became too lazy to kickstart my plan. And so the page remained as created with no posts except for the ‘about section’ and the ‘page profile pic’.

Days dragged by, and pimples started to pop on my face. I was having sleepless night and sometimes the no-sleep nights. The lack of sleep was due to constant facebooking and the things I found out kept me thinking all night.  So , I disabled certain people’s posts from showing on my newsfeed . I continued on my facebooking, refreshing every hour for new posts. In addition to facebook, I also chill out in youtube with Realitychangers, Ana Akana and many other vloggers. My days we’re just like that. I go to work and go home, my in betweens are composed of washing clothes,eating (which takes a small portion of the time pie) and of online surfing  and moping(which took much of my time).

I continued with my soundtrips and reflections on song lines,vlogs and picture quotes. When Oh’s birthday was fast approaching, my frustration ballooned again and I cannot flood my Facebook profile with picture quotes and OA lines lest people will laugh at me. So I decided to use the Facebook page as an outlet for creative creations. Since I was more determined that time, I tried to strategize (char!) on how can I get the people to like the posts. I realized that high-lighted lines is too lengthy to type on the search bar and too hard to remember. I didn’t know how to change the page name, so I just created another page and named it Shinglines. .I named it shinglines because I will still stick to song lyrics. Shinglines because Shing! (you read it fast and with stardust)…Shing is like kaching! Like POOf! Or it can pass as 100th cousin to the expression eureka! Shinglines because the page is to bring you lines from songs that made me stopped, think and say hey! OMJ just the right kill for my current emotion.

So you do realize, how hard it is for me to explain “why shinglines?’ in words. I’d rather answer it with hand flips and eye animations because it’ll be easier that way. (ahaha).

As time went by…I’ve been reflecting so much on words and I also thought that “ why shinglines?’ can also be answered by : It is shinglines, because people who are lovedrunk are greatly affected by songs. When you’re lovedrunk (either tipsy or wasted), the songs you hear were like exclusively written for you. They sing out loud, talk sluggishly and walk in straight zigzag lines. That is why the page was named shinglines. (hmmmm)

Days later, I realized that what I was doing was tiresome.  I jot down line from songs I heard, googled the title and artist, and proceed to picture editing. This is part of my strategizing, I opted for lyrics on picture form than plain typed text. I realized that if I were a page liker, my attention will be caught more by pictures rather than just text.

These are some of the pioneering creations (so newbie)

 I gave up on picture editing… Editing apps need fast internet connection and I don’t have much patience to wait for the picture to load, to choose among the many font types and layers as well as resizing the image size. So I gave up on the song lyrics and the page became a sort-of storage for the pictures quotes I saved years ago. Must I tell you that I have a huge collection of picture quotes that they are eating lots of storage spaces(?). And what then, If I’m just keeping these great finds to myself, what then? So that’s how shinglines came up to be a collection of inspirations,frustrations and in betweens with it’s long description worded as :collection of about anything that stumbled upon my way...and sharing these treasures to the page likers. Life is too short to find things out by ourselves...let us live from other people's lessons . (not  enough to call it long).

Shinglines was created February 28,2013.I posted regularly but didn’t launch the page until few months after. I was still having that fear of what people will say.  I invited Facebook Friends to like the page and told them to invite their friends too. I might’ve become annoying on their notifications asking them to like the page. But I went on with the invites sometimes even pleading (nyahehehe).

As usual, some said “wow” and of course there will always be that someone to say “you’re weird” , “maintaining a page?” “what for” “why so?”.

It may seem weird, but you see?!,weird is the new awesome! (hekhek).

What for? And Why so? ……Shinglines became my outlet and it pushed me to become more positive in life. Because no one would want to click the thumbs up for a page that is reeking with negativity. 
The page stats are poor. The likes, the shares and visits are poor but I do hope that someone is getting something from the page posts.

I’d love it if you visit the page and click like. ;D

Friday, July 18, 2014


Our Insctructor at school keeps mentioning the question  :
“what is ASEAN 2015?” and even included it on our quiz.

He is referring to ASEAN Economic Community that will be commencing on year 2015. It is something to look forward to.

The 10 ASEAN Countries will unite and create a single market economy with free flowing of goods, services and investments which is called AEC (ASEAN Economic Community).

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries and Capital
  1. Brunei-Bandar Seri Begawan
  2. Cambodia-Phnom Penh
  3. Indonesia-Jakarta
  4. Laos-Vientiane
  5. Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur
  6. Myanmar-Nay Pyi Taw
  7. Philippines-Manila
  8. Singapore-Singapore
  9. Thailand-Bangkok
  10. Vietnam-Hanoi

Tariffs will be brought down to zero or near-zero values and so we'll be expecting affordable imported goods. We will be able to showcase and sell our products to other ASEAN countries.

There will be lesser restrictions in employment among countries letting us find jobs easier within the bounds of AEC. 

It'll really be a good opportunity to get to know and establish people-to-people ties among our neighboring countries.

Helllooooow in advance 2015!

*photo not mine (grabbed from web)

Monday, July 14, 2014

The normal crazy things I did (some,I wish I didn’t)when I was crushing on this “someone”

Doodling his name on the margins of my draft reports. -It’s writing on longhand actually. His name got the curves when written on longhand.

Stalked the Family members on social networking sites. (from parents to the youngest sibling)- I knew the names of his brother and sisters. What school do they go to. I knew them by faces that (if ever) I see them somewhere, I’d immediately recognize them as if we’re acquainted. It’s not that I really purposely stalked them, I was just surfing, and unexpectedly, these facts popped out and I just followed where my mouse clicks lead me. And so, I found their facebook  and instagram accounts and even found the tumblr and blogger accounts of his sisters. (nice!..I hope I’m not scaring you away.)

I found his other FB account which was unusually named as____. :D

Stalked the girl he’s crushin’ to (which led me to deactivating my facebook account for the mean time because I had insecurity attacks and all other aches that went with it)…may I add also that I slightly stalked her friends’ FB accounts? (I’m one proud good FB stalker…and I’m for hire..just kidding!)

I followed the story of “The pursuit he did for the sake of his girl” complete with my oooohs and ahhhhs for the girl ...acquainted by my haaaaaysssss for myself.

I knew his political and business ventures ( so far, I only happen to know one for both) and kept that to myself.

I google mapped his home address ,other home address and the other hometown (hahaha )

I mathematically calculated everything to come up with his birthdate... even if it’s sort of kept highly confidential. (Thanks to logic and some dash of common sense). You may wonder how did I managed that? Well, I dunno…I just thought I knew!

Wrote a love letter! (don’t say yikes!..i love love letters. Well, I would love to receive love letters, but I found out I love writing letters ,only that it’s yikes to send I still have the letters with me.sealed and undelivered.)kept on my locker at school.

Daydreamed of him even at night.  Actually, he never left my thoughts. He’s always in here inside my head..even when I’m crunching on numbers and pissed off by excel sheets. Spent 90% of my day creating scenarios and conversations on my head. Not really 90% always though, maybe 70-80% most of the time and 90% once a week?

Avoided spots where I could see him. Yeah.yeah. I would love to see him all the time,but I’m just clumsy and so not me when he’s around. SO I’d rather prefer that he sees me than the other way round.
Took mental notes on the clothes he wore, haircuts and everything! (I can pass to become one true PA—personal assistant!)

Always saved an extra load on account (just in case he texts) ayt! Coz he never calls. Tsk!

Called him a special name when I’m talking to him and using his real name when talking about him.

Smiling from the inside when he sends a text message smiling and  silly when he replies.

Hanging out in facebook to check whether he’s online,even stayed until 3 am to chat even if I have an 8:30 work. (and that didn’t happened once…It happened more than twice)

Attempted to call him many times but chickened out. Uhm, I did called him once,he never answered my call. (that was a bruise to my lady ego…)

I watched the movies/shows/series etc. he recommended for watching especially those that he likes the most and became a fan myself.

I highlighted the days when he accepted my friend request and liked my posts. (coz,it’s rare)
Staring at him from afar (yezm…that no-blink kind of stare)

Still crushin’ on him even if he’s crushin’ my feelings.

Deleted his number on my cellphone and freaks out when he texts…coz,you know, I memorized the number and I cannot get it off my system.

Downloaded pictures of them together. (datepics!) 

I told him my feelings..felt good about  it and sad thereafter.

I think, I wasted all my 11:11 wishes that I made twice a day everyday. Just sayin'

Friday, July 4, 2014

3rd PICPA Short Film Festival

The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) will be having it's 3rd PICPA Short Film Festival. This is one of the activities for the accountancy week celebration for Bukidnon, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro chapters.

The grand red carpet premier will be on July 5,2014 (Saturday) 2:00pm at Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University. Tickets are priced at Php130.00 for students (regular price is Php180.00)---with snacks. 

Here are the film posters for the entries ...

 Student Category
Central Mindanao University (CMU)

Cagayan de Oro College-PHINMA (COC-PHINMA)

Liceo de Cagayan University

Lourdes College


Pilgrim Christian College(PCC)

Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan

PICPA category
Association of Certified Public Accountants in Commerce and Industry (ACPACI)

Association of Certified Public Accountants in Education (ACPAE)

Association of Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice (ACPAPP)

Government Association of Certified Public Accountants (GACPA)

Watch a Film and Feed a Child .

*photos not mine :D

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

His name is Simon

Anim na araw sa isang linggo akong pumapasok sa trabaho.

At sa tuwing pumupunta ako sa opisina,hindi ako nagpapahatid sa tapat ng bakod ng kompanya.

Bumababa ako sa may eskinita (oo,eskinita….dahil ang opisina namin ay matatagpuan sa may papasaok na eskinita katabi ng akala mong  punong mangga ngunit kaimito pala).

Bumababa ako sa may eskinita at nilalakad ko nalang ang papasok sa minsan ay maputik na daan.
Ginagawa ko iyon anim na beses sa isang linggo (liban nalang kung may holiday) upang utuin ang aking sarili na kahit paano ay may ehersisyo akong nagagawa.

Maulan man o mainit at kahit na malelate nako, walang paltos na hindi ako nagpapahatid papasok.
Matatag ang aking paninindigan sa kahalagahan ng paglalakad bilang isang mabisang ehersisyo (gaano man kalapit o kalayo)

Ngunit mukha yatang mag iiba na ang aking pananaw tungkol sa palakad lakad kong nalalaman, nitong mga nakaraang araw, napapansin kong palaging may nakaabang sa gate ng aming kapitbahay (kapitbahay ng opisina namin)

Malayo palang ako ay nakatunghay na sya, at ako naman, pinipilit kong tingnan sya ng deretso at nang  mapaabot ko sa kanyang hindi (raw) ako natatakot.

Ganon ang ginagawa ko,pero nawawala ang tapang ko habang papalapit ng papalapit ako sa kinaroroonan nya. Humihinto ako at minsan gusto kong bumalik sa tinahak kong daan at magpasama kay manang o manong na kahit na sino. Kapag nagpatuloy ako sa paglalakad, tumatayo sya at alertong naghihintay.Kapag ako ang huminto, nilalapitan nya ako,at nagsisilabasan ang kanyang mga kasama. Hindi ako natatakot sa mga kasama nya, wala silang dating sa akin .

Sa kanya lang ako takot, hindi dahil sa nakakatakot sya. (sya lang naman kasi ang may dating saken) Sa totoo lang, hindi sya nakakatakot,maganda yata ang lahi nya.Yung tipong malinaw ang mata, malabong na buhok,matikas na pangangatawan,magandang boses at mapuputing ngipin. 

Ang mga ganyang mga katangian ay nakakatakot para sa isang babaeng katulad ko. Babaeng 26 na pero mukhang nasa elementarya kung titingnan. Yung babaeng parang walang kamuwang muwang (sabi nila). Higit sa lahat, yung babaeng buto’t balat na hindi lumilipad (kundi lumalakad ) na hinding-hindi makakayang makipagbuno o di kaya ay kumaripas ng takbo upang maisalba ang kanyang sarili sa kapahamakan.
Ito na yata ang magiging suliranin ko sa pang araw-araw.  Sana naman ay, magsawa na sya sa kaaabang at mapagtanto nyang wala syang mapapala sa akin.

Kanina ko lang nalaman na Simon (hindi SEE-MON kundi SAI-MHEN) pala ang pangalan nya. Mabait naman raw sya pero mahilig lang talaga mang-asar.  Siguro ay kakaibiganin ko na lamang sya dahil napakahirap syang iwasan (maliban nalang kung aalis ako sa pinagtatrabahuan ko na wala pakong balak gawin).

Tama, kakaibiganin ko na nga lang.

 Hindi pako nakakagat ng aso at ayaw kong mapabilang sa talaan ng mga nagka rabies. Tsaka, buti sana kung kung isang kagat lang ang aabutin ko, paano kung habhabin nya ako? (napakasaklap naman nun)

Hayan,nahimasmasan rin.

Napapansin kong magaling akong mag ingles kapag ako’y galit at nanagalog ako pag nininerbyos at takot. Eto lang yata ang mga mabubuting bagay na napapala ko mula sa mga negatibong emosyon na to’.

ang larawang ito ay hindi akin

Hindi ito si Simon (hindi ko kilala ang asong 'to). Pero siguro ganito sya kabait tingnan nung bata pa sya.Ganito rin siguro sya ka kyut. Sana nga lang, naiwan syang mabait at nang hindi ako inaatake ng nerbyos atbp. araw-araw. hindi ako nanghihinayang kung nawala man ang kakyutan nya, dahil sabi ko nga diba, isa syang magandang gwapong nilalang ngayon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PISO MEALS @ Tsinoy's

If there's PISO fare, then someone can definitely offer PISO meals.

Tsinoy's Pares & Mami House located at Tiano – Mabini StreetsCagayan de Oro City will be serving PISO meals this month of July.

-Dine in and take a selfie pic or have your picture taken.
(make sure you make the PISO POSE)
-Upload it to their facebook page (click this link)
-The best picture will win a PISO meal.

photo from their page

So what are you waiting for. Head off to Tsinoy's and dine. You can grab your friends or bring your family. 

They are open 11:00AM -11:00PM