Friday, September 6, 2013

Journal Entry: Birth


I don’t have a heart that’s cold
Just refused the love of a dozen
And now that I’m growing old
I think it’s already frozen

Trapped inside a heavy shell
Small percent to the unknown I’d fell
Confronted with decisions I hate
Made some and left the rest to fate

He said he’ll wait
To that promise I hung my future
Banging close my heart’s gate
I’m dead, back off now vultures!

A promise that took me to greater heights
Death is peace, no love life, no fights
But he gave up, another gal he seek
He found my best friend, those two made me sick

Like crystal ice, I was shattered
Never dared pick the pieces scattered
I was happy despite of being sad
My shell’s fin’lly broken and that’s not bad

The past already happened
The present I cannot hastened
The future’s all I have
There, I trust I’ll meet a dove

If ever in the future
I’ll have to choose between life and love again
I’d go for love
For without love, there’s just no life

As for now, I may be dead
But if that future would be tomorrow
Tomorrow I’ll live
I’m gonna breathe
At last…