Friday, November 28, 2014

What will be will be

Blocking. This is one feature of Facebook that is a thousand harsher than the unfriend button.  Why do people block someone on FB? There can be many reasons why a person would decide to block someone from simple reasons that a person is annoying to worst cases like harassment.

It all narrows down to two main reasons: You don’t want “A” to see you and your public activities on Facebook and the second is that you don’t want to see “A” on any part of facebookdome.

How would you know you are blocked? If you’d use another Facebook Account and you can still view A’s profile, then good gracious, you are obviously blocked by that person (like me), Strictly banned from viewing A’s profile, adding that person as a friend as well as sending messages to the person(like me). To add more, you won’t be able to see if “A” liked or commented on a photo, post or link.

I haven’t blocked anyone on Facebook just until now. I have clicked the unfriend button more than a dozen times and I’ve   (consciously) been unfriended too a couple of times, but I havent’ been blocked by a person just until recently.

As far as my honest assessment, I have been good in Facebook and never rude. I am not annoying but at times  I do playful ploy-ing. And so I cannot really understand (i just don't get it) why was I blocked?

Being blocked hurts. It hurts your ego and your soul. It is like you are wished to never exist. It is like you are not wanted in somebody else’s life that even the public information and posts are denied from you.

Unfriend means: do not meddle in my life, I just know you now by face and you’re not important. Watch me from both near and far. Just a face with a half-forgotten name.

Blocked means: I do not want you to become part of my life and vice versa (I do not want to become part of your life).

But in the end of your monthlong frustrated wondering of the why’s and the feelings of being hurt and etc., you’d realize that maybe,just maybe, the intention of blocking you might be to help the BOTH of you to become happier and not the other way round.

Could it be that you are blocked, so that you will stop viewing his/her profile or that maybe, to stop him/her from viewing your profile. There are many sides to one story, but on my side (right now), I am thankful that he slammed shut the door at my face, that way I can tend  my bruises on the doorstep and strut away. When I walk away, you won’t catch up on me limping.

Yes, I was so damn hurt. That’s how I badly wanted to become a part of somebody’s life and oh how I wished that somebody to become part of mine. But there are just certain things that cannot be…and sometimes life needs to put not just signs but also  drop bombs on the boundaries to really let us know that IT CANNOT BE.

I just simply have to let it be.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

PICPA Funrun and other Foot Works

PICPA held its first fun run last November 23,2014. It was my first complete funrun. I have registered for previous funruns for the school and for the 2014 MILO marathon,but sadly, I wasn't able to get up early. So,So...PICPA funrun is a first! and I loved it!

 Yes. that was me! Do not laugh at my 3K feat (hahaha) ,my last jogging activity was seven months ago.  As a beginner, I am proud of myself for waking up early and honestly having fun at the funrun. Of course, I ran...walked,jogged but mostly I did a lot of brisk walking. (teehee)

credits to PICPA for this photo

I'm with friends-cum-classmates.

And I am so happy for the lootbag like a kid giddy of receiving candy loots on a party. (I warned you...It's funrun first timer ignoramus).

 Inside the lootbag: certificate,fliers about PICPA, a keychain with a flashlight (courtesy of Cherry Mobile), a promo/discount certificate from SongHitz KTV bar giving us 1 hour free for every hour paid (I love dancing there than singing), Tourist Spot Fliers, biscuits,wafers and candies. (though, I was a bit sad knowing, my friend's lootbag contained chocolates while mine didn't)

Inside the lootbag: certificate,fliers about PICPA, a keychain with a flashlight (courtesy of Cherry Mobile), a promo/discount certificate from SongHitz KTV bar giving us 1 hour free for every hour paid (I love dancing there than singing), Tourist Spot Fliers, biscuits,wafers and candies. (though, I was a bit sad knowing, my friend's lootbag contained chocolates while mine didn't)

excuse my hair, I haven't combed my hair since before the funrun :) me: on the left

We then had our breakfast at Roy's Bistro doesn't end there... After going home,taking a shower and a change of outfit, we went for Sergio's much deserved Pedicure, walked around the city in search of an open massage spa (found one, but will open 1pm in the afternoon), we walked further towards school for our lunch (cars were everywhere and everyone's into Pacman's fight). After lunch, we went to the mall and bought tickets for the Mockingjay and went back to the massage parlor for our relaxing foot massage. 

After one hour of relaxation, we dashed off back to the mall for the movie (we were like 15 minutes late already) and roamed around the mall for a last minute gift shopping before heading for a birthday dinner.

It was a long and well spent day. My realization? Start the day early and grab each second. 

P.S.  I thought I will be forever collecting Jerseys and never running for it, but there's always a first for everything. 

Good thing I didn't gave up on the thought.

Friday, November 21, 2014

RED package: delivered:received:happy

Tadah! Here are the contents of the red envelope sent to me by my BBFF all the way from General Santos City. Thanks to her Officemate who went to Camiguin Island, we got a courier with no fees. (oops!peace!)

 She sent me the photocopies to Shariah's Law on Inheritance. Yes, she's into law and all hail to her super time management skills that she goes to work at day and goes to school at night and can still maintain being a daughter,sister,friend and girlfriend at all times throughout the days (and may I insert) and still had some time to read this shariah Law on inheritance . I tried reading a part of it and It's confusing when you don't have 100% focus into it. 

Each of us have woes on our studies. We don't have actually the same experiences but (surprisingly) we do have the same sentiments. (

I also finally got the loombands she made for me (in shades of purple,as per my request). She made these during the loomband craze months ago to make her bored times still productive. And, shall I say, they're the right size for my wrist!

Included in the folder is a thoughts to keep by hallmark which we use as bookmarks and at the same time a note card. Sadly, I cannot find any of these nowadays in National Bookstores, They always tell me, that Thoughts to Keep by Hallmark are not available anymore (how is that?). 

That long note on the left part is actually a letter. I/we love writing letters as much as receiving them.*winks

At first glance, I thought she sent me some beads for me to make a bracelet or maybe some pebbles for me to keep as a remembrance. But the note said that these are yummy! So they're edible! Do not underestimate these pebble-looking thingy, they did taste yummy in different shades/taste of chocolates. Though I can say these are PG13 treats. I do not recommend giving these to toddlers or younger kids, lest they'll pick pebbles along the yard and mistook them as candies. (We don't want that to happen) Hehehe.

and....I miss her. I miss our long walks and talks. I am looking forward for the next time we'll hangout together. I am not making plans. Life has a way to sabotage my plans especially when I get I'll just keep calm and quiet.