Monday, October 28, 2013

landscaped...errrr...hairscaped I mean :D (My hairscape experience)

I cannot erase the thought of having a haircut might turn out as horrorcut after..(to think November is just outside our doors), but I'd like to have a newer look before I go home in the mountains for the holidays.

All I wanted was to have some bangs swept on the sides (sideswept bangs it is) and tadah! I ended with a full haircur and a fuller ego*. 

'Twas my first time to try Hairscape.Ph in Centrio-Ayala Mall and I was on my usual solo flight modes (that means there's no one to tell me whether I'm off to a good place or a doom place) but I'm glad I went in anyway..

Hairscape.Ph gave me a sense of comfort (as if trying to tell me "relax,your head/hair will be in good hands":D). Their haircut service came with a relaxing shampoo massage (I could've  stayed lying there and enjoy more of the massage). I was offered drinks (tea ? water?) of my choice and it's free. What I love more was the initiative that I was given a magazine in case I wanted to browse one (That's being sensitive of what type of customer they are having and I'd like to assume that they sensed my shyness ).

Mae was my stylist,and thank heavens (at last!),someone told me that bangs might be not so for me since I have a low forehead. She recommended a bob and some treatments that my hair would be very happy to have (I guess,bob's my forever and pixie will just remain in my dreams). She definitely gave me a haircut that sent my inner self grinning widely from ear to ear evily (I told you, my ego's full).

It was also my first time to have two people (mae & marisol) working simultaneously in blowdrying my hair (the fuss did made the experience worthwhile---add three more people to work on the manis, pedis and make up, and I'd feel like I'm some make believe celebrity ).

I just didn't had a haircut, I had myself Hairscaped...and Oh,they finished it off with a spray of TIGI Bedhead product ( If I'm not mistaken that was the HeadRush).

One haircut can turn your world around.
People may see the difference but there is more to that....YOU (with the new haircut) can feel that difference.

I don't want to post pictures of myself in shiminisheng but moi/ego is full so I'm posting it anyway :D

There I go, after the overflowing of close and open parenthesis I just want to tell you that my experience was definitely worth having.

Have your own experience, is located at 3rd floor Centrio-Ayala Mall. Find them on Facebook

P.S. It seems that my Sundays are becoming FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream) days...I had a scoop of Choco Mint variant.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mercato de Oro

Mercato Centrale in Cagayan de Oro City!

 Ayala Centrio will be serving us more through Mercato de Oro Starting December 7,2013 (Saturday).

Friday and Saturday Night Food and Entertainment Market will start at 4:oo PM-3:00 AM
Saturday  'fresh and organic' market will open 7:00AM-2:00 PM

This might be another "food-with-friends/family weekend destination'' and a good place  to showcase more the fresh and organic produces from Northern Mindanao. 

It is something to look forward to...

via Centrio
I'm not a foodie but I'd like to find my way to becoming one. ..maybe a wide array of delicious and affordable food choices will get me there. ;)

I just happen to know about this through Facebook. Thanks to facebooking.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Journal Entry : Fear

It’s the day after Christmas
Everyone wished it would last
The reunion is all the fuss
Precious moments, it brings us close.

Suddenly there came a shriek
The reason for it we seek
We saw a familiar figure coming
It was you who is approaching.

I recognized you, though you’ve changed
I didn’t knew how to act, it made me flinch
You don’t seem to know me
You knew and remembered them all except me.

It pinched my heart
I was hurt
I wanted to burst into tears
Realizing it’s only a dream I had thought the years

I pretended to act normal
And you managed to be formal
Oh how I wanted you to talk to me
But you’re so occupied I see.

So I just sat there and waited
Until the excitement subsided
I presumed, there would be time that’s right
To talk to each other if we might.

But I guess I just don’t have the luck
To our group approaches a flock
Your face turned much brighter
And my heart was squeezed tighter

You introduced her to us
That she was your girl. Oh gosh!
Only few noticed my reaction
Only those who could connect the relation

Well, if that would ever happen
I’m not sure if my heart would still be open
And if so, maybe it would be a lesson learned
To not let go of a thing you so much yearned.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

..we are so related!plants,cockroaches,butterflies,fishes,shrimps and humans

One of our final requirements for a subject in school to reflect on one of the articles found in
I was absent during the announcement (ooops!) and have to clarify whether the instruction 'reflection,reaction' would require me to come up with an informed reflection or the usual OMG-don't-know-that kind of reaction. So much for my confusion,our group is reflecting on a certain article that involves plants having electrical signals...and pooof! my love palpitations (for all things wonderful) is triggered.

I just cannot,remain on this article about Plants (click here to read it)..
I need to read more,which led me to many other articles...and I'm urging you to read it.

Amazing Fish Adaptive Design
Taste Tests Confirm Cockroaches Change Preferences
Humans Were Made for Walking
Butterflies Mimic Other Species with 'Amazing Supergene'
Evolution Can't Explain Dancing Babies
Yawning With a Purpose
Fish Studies Answer Flood Question
Shrimp Eye May Inspire New DVD Technology
Intestinal Bacteria: A Delicate Balance
Flu Fighter Found in Fruits and Vegetables
Wipe Once, Then Toss: The Antibiotic Resistance of the Superbug

every single detail has a purpose..(so is with whatever happening in our lives right now)...we were designed incredibly by survive,thrive and live. We are so beyond what we think we are!
(all creations alike)

7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol (shook also other parts of Visayas and Mindanao)

I woke up today and found in my FB newsfeed full of posts about them being awakened by some earthquake. I on the other hand, can't relate to such because I just had my first good morn's sleep after weeks of sleepless nights...Philippines has been having occasional earthquake (compared to the 'rare' that we had before)..and I was like ''ok,another earthquake'' until I've learned more about the earthquake. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol Philippines, morning of Tuesday,October 15,2013. I saw pictures of toppled houses and cracked pavements together with damaged display products of some stores , but what saddened me more was when I saw pictures of old churches ruined by the quake. 

I was able to go there, and Bohol is full of old houses and old churches (my kind of interests). For a person who is so sentimental, seeing these heritage sites in a not so good state is just so heartbreaking. 

Loboc church is the second oldest Church in Bohol.

Loboc church after the quake photo  via
the separate belfry tower BEFORE (photo not mine)
Bell Tower AFTER the quake photo via
 Loon Church is the biggest church in Bohol...
photo via

I've  been to Bohol (only once), but wasn't able to get to know these churches closely. All the more reasons for me  to be sad.  ' Guess this is one of the many reasons to travel more...not just to explore but to witness and make yourself part of a bigger common world.

Sentimental things serve as constant reminder of where we that,these visible reminders are slowly fading from the is indeed a great challenge for us to recollect,retain the faith and live a life that will serve as our legacy for those in the future with these legacy of our ancestors preserved in our hearts.

Friday, October 11, 2013

coping..when there's no prevention and cure

We cannot fully avoid when it are some of my tried and tested busters for stress. I've read a full
article of this on Yahoo (a long list of busters I say...some were not applicable to me), so here's the list of what worked for me and I added some of my own.

1.For 5 minutes each day, forget your plans and worries and live in the present, enjoying what's around you

2.Get it off your chest. Bottled-up feelings increase stress. If someone disappoints or upsets you, let them know..or let someone know.

3.Just say no. It's not being selfish-it's a great prevention against stress.

4.Take sleep seriously.

5. Nurture your friendships. Kindred souls will help you stay sane

6.Whatever you enjoy doing, give it a regular place in your life.

7.Make the morning rush less crazed by embracing an easy hair and makeup routine. (or the no make up routine)

8.Know your stress signals (e.g., tummy troubles or neck pain), so you can recognize them right away and take care of yourself

9.Give yourself credit. Under stress, we often focus on failure instead of moving forward to complete what needs to be done.

10.Give yourself a pat on the back…not to console yourself but to acknowledge that you may did not so fine but you’ll do better next time.

11.When you need a time-out, go out somewhere ( a place in the town or a place in your head) and listen to music

12.Walk whenever you can. Walk because you can.

13.Try retail therapy (only if the other busters won’t work…make it your last option if you don’t want to go broke!)..though retail therapy for me is some sort of an indication that I’m stressed…when I realized later that I just spent some money for some useless or not so necessary things…that’s when I try the other busters.

14.Ask for help. Remember that you don't have to do everything by yourself

15.   Keep a stress diary. You’ll realize patterns and you get to understand yourself more. (I call it mood mapping)

16.   Get enough sleep. When you're tired, even small problems seem so large. (Did I mention already to take sleep seriously?)

17.   Don't hurry out of the water…enjoy the shower. (this  is not applicable when you’re running late for work…on some weekends perhaps)

18.   Go for a brisk walk. Vigorous exercise burns nervous energy and pumps you full of feel-good endorphins

19.   Clean out your cabinet, purse, bag or desk drawer. This will boost your sense of control

20.   Try thinking worst-case-scenario to see how unrealistic overreacting is. If you're stuck on traffic, take the thought, "I'm going to be late," to a ludicrous point, "I'm going to be fired," to an even more ludicrous point, "I'm going to have to sell pencils on the street!" Feel your anxiety deflate.

21.   Fold laundry or do the laundry -productivity combats stress

22.   Plan a vacation. You don't really have to travel-the idea is to move your thoughts somewhere else. (though pursuing the idea of really traveling somewhere would excite you and would definitely give you good vibes) ;)

23.   Count your blessings. Focusing on what's going well in your life will give you perspective and make you feel better

24.   Search online for a short funny video to watch-laughter reduces stress hormones (Youtubing I say!)

25.   Think about the person who is stressing you out. Is she/he under pressure herself? Empathy helps defuse tension

26.   Call a friend who will listen without judgment. Not only will it help you to vent, but your friend's calmer state will rub off on you. ( a no-fail buster…works all the time. I’m very grateful to have my BBFF)

27.   If your heart is pounding, do not fight the symptom…ride it like a wave.

28.   Breathe slowly through your nose (with your mouth closed). Visualize your breath going to the center of your head, then going out. Do this 5 to 15 times

29.   Peel an orange. Breathe in the aroma as you tear away the skin. .. and enjoy eating the orange.

30.   Try scream therapy: Let out a shout in your head (I’d like to try screaming out in the field or  beach..might work out faster). You'll feel better afterward

31.   Say a prayer-it's one of the most potent antidote to stress. Connecting with a higher power helps you gain strength and clear your mind

32.   At work, walk over to someone's desk to talk, go to the watercooler, force yourself to move. It will relieve physical tension

33.    Sit up straight.

34.   Take three deep breaths-5 seconds in, 5 seconds out-to slow your heart rate and the pace of your stress hormones.

35.   Sit up straight.

36.   Read a new book or try a new ice cream flavor.

37.   Look around…you’ll realize you’re not just the one who’s on breaking point…and if you see happy people, then It’s an assurance that even if we’re having troubles right now, these too shall pass and better days are definitely coming.

...stress is one big pimple grower...we can't handle another stress due to pimple breakouts..(right?).p

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welcome to the chambers of my heart.

---no edits...I normally write my thoughts on paper...but I found out these thoughts were in soft copy (might as well post give you a glimpse of some untold stories) :) ...they serve as mood map...reminding me of the thoughts i had which led me to the present thoughts i'm havin' (huh?)..I happen to have thought these in the past three months. They say, when you can talk about something freely and publicly,that means you've already accepted the fact and already moved on. ('s that true?)..

July 4,2013
This was one of days wherein the day started not so right but definitely ended with a surprise. I woke up late today and my morning routine was delayed. At work,my new PC wasn’t set upped yet and so I have a new bunch of files on my pending task collection. To make it more worst, yahoo mail won’t accept my password and maybe thought I’m a captcha decoder. I just had coffee for breakfast and took my lunch at one in the afternoon. We have a chapter quiz on the last period of class and I’m sort of stressed.  Then,there was that activity in the auditorium for the election of officers, bad: haven’t eaten yet and I’m starving already,good: classes were moved to Saturday,that means were free after the election activity.
Yay!We decided to eat dinner at a local grill.
Twas a free flowing conversation and time flew past. It’s good to know more about your new found friends. Truly there are no strangers,just friends we haven’t met yet. We talked,ate and laughed. Tonight is a night full of learning and it’s been a long time since I laughed so much that my jaw ached and I felt like I’m growing some abs. I am thankful and grateful for such company and conversation. Since I don’t usually have the chance to sit down with friends, I say, what happened was a rare and special thing.
We ended with a milk shake treat and another set of conversation…so it didn’t ended yet. Nyaha!
Is it possible that you are intolerant only with fresh milk? How does really fresh milk tastes like? Would you answer a call from an unknown number? Does Ma’am Econ really look like Mr. Bean? What is the proper way of laughing?
My thought for tonight: Communication is a key ingredient to understanding thus will lead to the much dreamed of peace.

July 11,2013
A friend of mine posted  a status in facebook asking what wedding gift would be right for the wedding of someone you once loved. I almost wrote on the comment section “what gift would you give for the wedding of a person you’ve  always loved?”  I’m pretty sure we are talking of the same person. She must’ve been happy for him and I’m here sulking over the thought that he’s near to being a husband and I’m still zipped mouth on my feelings.  The more he talks about the girl, the more I knew about her; and the more I knew about her, the more that I seem to like her. Seriously, I cannot doubt his preference with the girl (he told me, she’s not that kind of a beauty but he chose her because he saw in her  what she saw in me)----ya’ll out there ,can you tell me what’s that supposed to mean? Does he meant, he would’ve wanted me in the first place? Or he just meant, I’m his standard for benchmarking?
 I was invited of course to the wedding, and personally I’d really like to attend such big special day for him. Unfortunately, I have activities outside work and I’m still not sure whether I can compromise which for which. The big day is part of the examination days at school. Jokingly, I’d just say I can’t attend because I’m afraid I’d might ‘speak now’ like Taylor Swift’s song. With more humor in mind, maybe I can just say I’d attend the wedding if and only if someone can assure that the wedding won’t push through. I know the last one’s sort of not so good. It is never good to think of barricading someone else’s happiness especially if that person is so special to you. You would always want to see them happy and nurse your own bruises in the comforts of your room.
Setting my emotions aside , let’s go back to the perfect wedding gift. I have many ideas for wedding gifts but I wanted this one to be special. Something that will last and make me well remembered and won’t leave my finances broke.  Any ideas for this panic stricken gal? Wedding bells will be ringing on the third Saturday of this month.

July 18,2013
I had caffeine boost for the day from coffee to colas but to no effect I’m still sleepy.Does yawning mean you are sleepy or just bored?

July 24,2013
Got missed calls from an unknown number at early morn. Turned out it’s him saying thank you for the gift and expressing his feelings of “mahay” on me for not coming to his wedding. ‘Tis good to hear the same familiar comforting voice…I guess he will always be that someone who wasn’t mine but will always be there when needed. Unlike some people,who expressed and assured to be always there and they end up the one  leaving. (tsk!)
Things are way better when promises aren’t made….and when assuming is out of the scene.
My performance at work and in school is pivoting down and it’s making me dizzy. I am always distracted and my mind is always wandering off. I seem to procrastinate more than the normal procrastination acceptable and I know It’s not good. My score on quizzes are below the passing score and sometimes if lucky, I’m just on the passing mark. I need to get a grip of myself and get back to life.! So may God help me.  I wouldn’t want to let people to fully affect the way I live my life, I’ve already been through that and I’d like to do away with it because it ain’t healthy.

replays... (photonotmine)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 abundance of Katherines and Ice creams.

..healthy treat it is.
I’m not an ice cream freak but my moods  were swirling down that  I need some good ol’ pick-me-upper. Normally a good book does the trick but I needed another booster… this is the part where the ice cream crept in.

FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream) in Cagayan de Oro City is located at 2nd Floor Ayala Centrio Mall.  The attendant is friendly and patiently attends to your queries regarding the array of choices, explains options thus leading you to come up with a more personal choice. You can opt for an ice cream on a cup or on a cone.

If you’re someone like me who loves savoring moments, this is the place where you get to enjoy your ice cream in contented silence. By silence, I meant free from unnecessary noise. Plus they play Boyce Avenue on air (my fave…yay!)…in a matter of one song, I know I’ve just found a special place that I can keep coming back to.

Didn't had any hard time finishing it.
I ordered a scoop of pistachio and another for raspberry rapture.. 
Color is natural. Flavor taste is natural plus there are actual pistachio nuts in it! Generously, I say! What more can I say? Perhaps just a hmmm and two thumbs up!

You can like their FB page Fruits in Ice cream or visit their site by clicking this link.

P.S. I just bought myself a new book! Abundance of Katherines by John Green…(retail therapy)