Thursday, December 19, 2013

Going SOL...?

"…but i think it's very healthy to spend time alone. you need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person."
                                          -olivia wilde.

I’s good to spend time alone…why don't you try to go solo some other time?

How to go sol:

Be determined to go alone. A personal date with yourself is a treat your inner self deserves . (remember being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. The fact that you can enjoy hanging out with yourself is one thing you can be proud of)

Be prepared (charged cellphone,moolah,umbrella and a jacket). The charged cellphone will be for emergency purposes,use it only when in desperate need of help. Do not go sol,and spend the whole time texting your friends how you wished they’re with you or replying to their messages on how they wish they are with you. I say, keep your phone alert for calls and turn off your message alert tone. When going sol,you can do without the cellphone but not the last three)

Dedicate the whole day for you (you may run some few errands but make sure that a bigger portion of the day will be a ME-TIME
Do not stay at home! (that doesn’t count as going sol)
The best place to go sol is at a mall. Stroll around, watch a movie, dine, visit clothe shops, pet shops,gadget stores,book shops, and in my case, I sometimes visit hardwares.
You can go to church,stroll on streets and hang out in a park or café.

It is hard to go sol on a vacay trip..vacay trips are better with friends or the fam. That way, you get to split the bill and when you’re lost,at least you’re not alone or that someone would be looking for you ;D
Going sol doesn’t really mean spending lavishly on one’s self. It is more of taking time to tune in with yourself, testing if you’re still able to make your own judgment when given two choices, knowing your first reactions to situations, and understanding yourself more by the things that make you happy and piss you off . It also allows you to look around and observe, to give smiles to strangers and answer some questions or the other way ‘round. If you’re not friends with yourself, then going sol gives you a chance to befriend you.

Having friends is great but being friends with your self is way more than great. Sometimes, friends influence a person too much that that the other is in danger of becoming a clone. (well in this case, they’re not friends, but just peers). Going solo is also good when you’re so low…you don’t just get to scold and console yourself but you get to ask and force yourself to answer truthfully.

Last November 27,2013, I went Sol for Disney’s Frozen 3D movie. ‘twas uber cool to think that I almost watched the movie alone in the theatre if the guard and a father with kids didn’t came in later

Why I go sol:
I go sol because of selfish reasons, when going    sol,I don’t have to worry whether the person I’m with is bored, tired or hungry. . . 

Why I’ll go sol : 
I’ll go sol because I’m more comf’table when I’m with myself than when I’m with someone.

Why I’d not go sol :
they say, life starts at the end of our comfort zones…and I’d like to sail somewhere ala life of Pi with some monkeys, snakes and perhaps a tiger. (kidding!)

Why I’ll try not to go sol all the time: 
to challenge myself outside my comfort zone is to give myself a chance to level up! So I’m on the loose…but still tied of course. (You don’t know what I mean :D )..Plus life they say is not just about knowing yourself but more of knowing others and letting them know you.

My BBFF who is taking up law gave me this shirt.A good reminder that there will always be people who will care. ;)

esse est co-esse (to exist is to co-exist)

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  1. starts at the end of our comfort zones..hehehe love the shirt ^_^