Sunday, December 29, 2013


Few more days and it's 2014. It seemed like yesterday when we (my BBFF and I) were sort of worried and defensive about our horrorscopes for 2013 when it said that this year will be a year of challenge and change...that spelled A HARD YEAR. . .and instead of resisting life,we managed to go with the flow which I believe took us to some better place.

Who could've thought that I'd be doing this blogging thingy? Pursuing an accountancy course, plunging into the unknown,got hurt and took another chance in love and embracing all the feelings it brought? This year was more than a roller coaster ride, It's more of a whirlwind. No seat belts and safety precautions...just chaos all around but I found peace at the same time being aware that at last I can see that my life is in motion. I've found new friends and seemed to lose some.But one thing that this year etched on my mind is that life goes on,and just because we are upset doesn't mean that time will stop for us. We shouldn't dwell in the past,we should move on but never forget what it taught us. Accept that some people may be heroes for others but to us they're just plain jerks (and also we could be that jerk). Tell your story,someone might be listenin' and you'll never know what lessons/inspiration they might be getting from it. I've been listening and listening and never sharing those to others. This year,I talked more..some may be none sense but I talked more than the usual,and I like the feeling of having an itchy dry throat from too much talking.

I am very thankful for the people who came my way. They made me realize that no matter how alone you feel,someone cares. (you just have to let them show it to you). I am also grateful for the people who stayed,despite my lack of sweet caring bones. (well I have sweet caring thoughts with no actions).Thank you for sticking in with the stubborn me. I'd like also to say sorry for the people I offended because of my careless tongue and harsh thoughts. (I am sorry but I don't regret saying whatever those words were). Sometimes I think that the reason why I'm quiet almost of the time is to avoid offending others. :D

I am just very blessed that I got this far, little by little (in my own pace) I'm growing up.

I pray that 2014 will be another good year,with lesser tragedies and calamities and more of innovations and peace linkages. I pray for comfort and guidance as we continue in living good lives for the greater glory of our Lord.

Gambatte as always! Strive to survive!

...and as another year is starting,I want to share a major life changing trigger I had for this year 2013(my life never really started spinning until this): 

"She was staring at the sky
 She is hiding from the light
And I wonder what she’s thinking
Then she made me realize
That life is like a roller coaster ride
 Now you smile
 And then you cry
Then you do it over
 Over and over
Fly like the airplane in the sky
Set it free let it go
 Feel the hurt just let it fall"

(credits to the writer)

... just let go and fall,someone will catch you or you'll learn how to fly on your way down.

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