Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fake it 'til You make it

I survived my first two years at work. I hope I didn’t screw up. Last year,we were given evaluation sheets for us to evaluate our co-workers and it’s pretty bothering me how’d I fare in their judgment. I know, I’ve been inconsistent at work last year and I’m sort of freaking out for the results. It’s too late to turn back time and become an outstanding employee, but not too late for next year! Evaluations like this is the only way to measure an employee’s performance objectively.  I wonder how they do the measuring thing by computing points from the boxes you’ve checked. Nevertheless, what’s clear in here is that, the results will be the basis of your current year’s salary and workload (salary raise? promotion? or demotion?).
If you want to have impressive evaluation from your co-workers, take the following points that you need to work on ,or if you’ve got the points already, then it’s time you try harder in maintaining them.

^ be prompt. It’s good to be early but what really counts is that you’re on time. It’s no use to come to work very early on some days and come in late the rest of the days.

^ be present always. Or should you call in absent, it should be for a valid reason . (so don’t go calling your boss that you’d be absent just because you woke up late…it’s better you don’t give reasons at all if you feel that you’re just being lazy for the day)

^provide a fast but correct output. What is an on time report if the values are wrong and on the other hand, what is error free report when it’s no longer needed? So you see? You got to manage your time wisely. If you think you’re a slow paced worker, then you start way ahead of time. You’ll get better in time.

^As much as possible, do not put off tomorrow what you can finish today.

^Do not refuse additional tasks that are given from time to time. Especially when you got the time to spare and when it’s in line with your field of work. Tasks given from time to time are like training sessions given to you (if ever you get a promotion or a new assignment)

^Show off some other skills. Trouble shooting is a good one.  Explore the endless things you can possibly do with an excel sheet or what you can do with used staple wires.

^Say thank you and Please.

^be cordially friendly...and know what the word 'cordially' means

^Work and think for the company. Whatever your reasons are for working, remember that the company is paying you money that you are using for your other activities in life. If you want those activities (like living) to continue then you should strive to keep the company alive and growing.

^in the most shortest possible phrase “you got to be passionate about your work and all else will follow”

(when you’re fired up with working, you come to work on time, perform well and the rest of what I cited above will become natural that you won’t have to force yourself to do great at work) .

I’ll always believe that checklists and checked boxes are not that reliable, for we don’t really know what a person got and has to give until we work with them. But then ,if companies go with the “try to hire and fire later” trial and error process ,’twill take them time and money, so let’s better satisfy what’s on the checklist eh? Saves time,money and energy…for both parties. Whether you want to keep the job(obviously) or not (really?), always strive to leave a lasting good, if not great impression. 

....and when you come to the point where you seem to perform poorly at work, remind yourself why you're working in the first place.

These are my realizations in my duration at work, and it's so hard to fake things because eventually you'll find you can't make it. And so,I hope you'd learn from my short experience and do things right the first time..because it pays off in time.

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