Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the 15-minute coffee break

Things are getting more complicated at work, so is with time that seems not enough to complete the usual tasks. I do not know why, does time fly faster nowadays or is it just me working slow paced?

 Imagine picking up something and dropping it somewhere. (I mean literally drop!). That’s how I feel right now, not the picker/dropper but the thing picked and dropped. Shocked and feeling broken with the need to adapt fast and chase time, I do not have the time to fancy fix the cracks. Everything seems to take the red mark for *urgent and *important and I have to mentally number priorities. How do I sort all number 1 priorities?

Worrying is my number 1 pimple grower and in a matter of 6 hours I grew a few giving me more worries.
I’m at work! Shhhh! You might say, how come I’m busy and find time to post a blog entry. I just gave myself the 15minutes coffee break when a thought popped out while I was cracking numbers on my keyboard a while ago. You see, I was trying to assure myself that these time of pressure shall pass and later (hopefully sooner) all will be normal again. But would that be not too late to fix the cracks? Yes, this time shall pass and  sooner we shall be having another type/kind of time (a better or a not so better that what we have now) and as time continues to tick, we’ll be forever busy living the PM (present moment) and the cracks will remain as cracks until someone in the future will pick you and drop you again causing  the pieces to shatter.

It is so sad to think of such horrible future. (maybe it’s just my hormones raging for the day). I am consoling myself and it’s an unending row of feel good.not so good.feel good and not so good again .(All the more frustrating!) and poof! Just like someone picking up something and droppin’ it, Life dropped a thought on me drenching me that caused me to wake.

RFTD: 03.05.2014

Cracked? That’s good! It’s where the light gets in and it is where the water will seep in. These will nurture you causing you to grow.

There I go… now I feel better. I’m back to the numbers . CIAO.
I never thought blogging has the same effect as that of a mug of coffee.

*I wonder what kind would I be when I grow. Would I become a tree?or a flower? I just hope it’d be a tree that blooms flowers and bears fruits ;)

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