Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Knocking yourself in the head

Ever tried working with a Microsoft excel template? If you are familiar with the formulas and functions, you’d be amazed by how much you can do with it or by how beyond much it can let you do using the sheet.  I’ve been enjoying the breezy comforts of the COPY-PASTE link for a long while (about two years) and today (yes, today!) I’m experiencing the not so good thing with it.

When you copy and paste the link…everything is connected. If you have changes on one excel that has an effect on your other reports, the other reports (those with pasted links) will automatically update giving you a hassle free editing. Well, it’s good if you want these automatic updates. Sadly, it’s not so good when you don’t want the numbers on your report to change.

Yes. Yes. This is sort of another rant blog. (I find myself oozing with words and English when I’m near into bursting with anger, impatience, hunger and  other negative vibes).  

Your boss tells you to prepare a certain report and you’re pretty
confident (it was more of like Pretty AND Confident a while ago) that it’ll be easy breezy (thanks to copy+paste!) and later on you’d realize that your debits and credits and didn’t came up with the usual zero bottom line (how was that!?). No matter how balanced it was, there will come a time (times like this) that life and excel go in tandem to attempt in scaring and amusing you. (But I’m not scared, worried maybe, but not scared and I am definitely not amused!) . I am irritated, annoyed and bothered….and frustrated! 

Are you snatching back the time I saved before from the convenience you brought through the templates? I am not angry anymore. I am now sad. Sad that I have to trace back one (hopefully not two) fiscal years of transactions.  Thank you for giving my mind more chances of being busy and focused, that way my mind won’t wonder and wander on things and people outside my 5 meters perimeter zone. (teehee…just missing someone).

And so Microsoft excel, this is not about you, this is more about me. Me not saving a final file with no links (I’d do that next time) and me being grumpy because I stalked an FB profile early this morning leaving me insecure at the start of the day. (huhai). Me, who cannot confess her feelings to any living soul and me, who doesn’t know how to.  (and me,who won’t edit any fragment sentence that needs revising. haha).

You miss someone.stalked the person on still miss that someone but now,you’re insecure. Excel  rubs a joke on you and you took it seriously.cannot concentrate because you’re full of nothing.wrote a blog and  felt better….except for that hint of catsup you noticed on your lunch (which obviously shouldn’t be there).

Lesson/s learned? 
-If you miss someone, tell them.(or tell someone who can tell them) nyaha!
-As for the excel sheet and links, maintain another copy where you do COPY and PASTE SPECIAL the values.
-When you're trying to quit FB stalking,try harder!
-Be wary when it comes to colored orange food (they might've put some catsup into it)

Ciao for now. Gotta get back to excel sheets and try to excel at it.

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