Saturday, May 31, 2014

'twas rainy and gloomy but it was all sunshiny!

...horrible feelings don't last...they too shall pass...that's what my friend told me the other day.

It's true, they did pass...and yesterday was so overwhelming.  After sending group messages and individual messages to friends if they have an installer of peachtree accounting software or where can I get one for free and not getting much helpful feedbacks and some no feedback at all, I have to activate again my Facebook account and contact people from there. It seemed that people are easier to find and receive immediate feedback in FB than making calls or texting them. Good thing a classmate of mine whom I've encountered recently at SEC has a peachtree installer and kindly gave me the file. (kindly because he waited for me past the working hours)
I did built my courage to ask for help from someone I'm not so close with (we're classmates in college and in the same group for a school project once,but that was it)...and I have to muster all energy and bravery or whatever to go there alone ( I asked a friend of mine to accompany me ..but you know what happened coz I ended up going there alone). whew! I am just thankful that there are people who are helpful and wouldn't mind allotting a speck of their time in extending help.

When I got home, my highschool friends are there. It's been a long time since I had the quality time of chitchatting and having a carefree but meaningful conversations. I realized I've missed them more than how much I thought I missed them. We had an impromptu dinner (at home) and another friend arrived. It's great having your different generation friends together. It shows how far you've come so time goes,we don't really leave friends behind,we just widened our circle of loved ones as we grow older in life. 

When you're with great friends, you can just talk about almost everything and ask anything. One sure sign you're with a good bunch of friends is when you can all be crazy and still make sense out of it (know what I mean?haha!) . 

And just when I thought the day was over and declared that yesterday ended happily,life had one last surprise for me. An old friend too,whom I haven't heard from so long texted me. Since my phonebook isn't updated,I had to ask who the person texting is...and he had the humor to introduce himself again.
"This is ( insert name here), (insert age here),(address), your classmate and the one who had a crush on you in elementary and highschool. Do you know me now?"
And I was smiling widely because it feels good to know that I was never forgotten. I am still remembered from time to time. And for that, I am ever grateful and thankful that I was given the chance to know such loving people. I feel guilty too that I've been taking their presence for granted. I pray that I may have a loving heart. One that can keep them the way they've kept me.  

P.S. I've already sorted out the Microsoft excel thing...but not the missing someone thingy (but at least I can now move on to another concern---which is the Statement of Cash flows and the upcoming monthend reports)

Just In: My friend's wife (our visitors last night) is on labor right now, One baby boy comin' up! and I am now expecting and excited for an ice cream treat! 
There will always be room for ice cream..and of new people and friends :D

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