Monday, July 14, 2014

The normal crazy things I did (some,I wish I didn’t)when I was crushing on this “someone”

Doodling his name on the margins of my draft reports. -It’s writing on longhand actually. His name got the curves when written on longhand.

Stalked the Family members on social networking sites. (from parents to the youngest sibling)- I knew the names of his brother and sisters. What school do they go to. I knew them by faces that (if ever) I see them somewhere, I’d immediately recognize them as if we’re acquainted. It’s not that I really purposely stalked them, I was just surfing, and unexpectedly, these facts popped out and I just followed where my mouse clicks lead me. And so, I found their facebook  and instagram accounts and even found the tumblr and blogger accounts of his sisters. (nice!..I hope I’m not scaring you away.)

I found his other FB account which was unusually named as____. :D

Stalked the girl he’s crushin’ to (which led me to deactivating my facebook account for the mean time because I had insecurity attacks and all other aches that went with it)…may I add also that I slightly stalked her friends’ FB accounts? (I’m one proud good FB stalker…and I’m for hire..just kidding!)

I followed the story of “The pursuit he did for the sake of his girl” complete with my oooohs and ahhhhs for the girl ...acquainted by my haaaaaysssss for myself.

I knew his political and business ventures ( so far, I only happen to know one for both) and kept that to myself.

I google mapped his home address ,other home address and the other hometown (hahaha )

I mathematically calculated everything to come up with his birthdate... even if it’s sort of kept highly confidential. (Thanks to logic and some dash of common sense). You may wonder how did I managed that? Well, I dunno…I just thought I knew!

Wrote a love letter! (don’t say yikes!..i love love letters. Well, I would love to receive love letters, but I found out I love writing letters ,only that it’s yikes to send I still have the letters with me.sealed and undelivered.)kept on my locker at school.

Daydreamed of him even at night.  Actually, he never left my thoughts. He’s always in here inside my head..even when I’m crunching on numbers and pissed off by excel sheets. Spent 90% of my day creating scenarios and conversations on my head. Not really 90% always though, maybe 70-80% most of the time and 90% once a week?

Avoided spots where I could see him. Yeah.yeah. I would love to see him all the time,but I’m just clumsy and so not me when he’s around. SO I’d rather prefer that he sees me than the other way round.
Took mental notes on the clothes he wore, haircuts and everything! (I can pass to become one true PA—personal assistant!)

Always saved an extra load on account (just in case he texts) ayt! Coz he never calls. Tsk!

Called him a special name when I’m talking to him and using his real name when talking about him.

Smiling from the inside when he sends a text message smiling and  silly when he replies.

Hanging out in facebook to check whether he’s online,even stayed until 3 am to chat even if I have an 8:30 work. (and that didn’t happened once…It happened more than twice)

Attempted to call him many times but chickened out. Uhm, I did called him once,he never answered my call. (that was a bruise to my lady ego…)

I watched the movies/shows/series etc. he recommended for watching especially those that he likes the most and became a fan myself.

I highlighted the days when he accepted my friend request and liked my posts. (coz,it’s rare)
Staring at him from afar (yezm…that no-blink kind of stare)

Still crushin’ on him even if he’s crushin’ my feelings.

Deleted his number on my cellphone and freaks out when he texts…coz,you know, I memorized the number and I cannot get it off my system.

Downloaded pictures of them together. (datepics!) 

I told him my feelings..felt good about  it and sad thereafter.

I think, I wasted all my 11:11 wishes that I made twice a day everyday. Just sayin'

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