Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin-The Legend Ends

So it's September 27 again. 2 years ago, this day marked a "First in my Lifetime" event. Last year, I wept for it. Today, I'm celebrating it!

I'm celebrating the lessons I've learned throughout my 'moving-on' process. I've finally decided to let go of the things and people that doesn't make me happy.

Activities for the day:
Changed my Profile Picture in Facebook.
Changed my Relationship Status to single.
Lots of Status posts all throughout the day
Meet up for our thesis at school
and...watched a movie with friends. 

Rurouni Kenshin-The Legend Ends

I have no idea what the movie's part one is all about but I can say that part two can still stand as a solo movie in its own. Though it would've been nicer and special if I've watched part 1 of the movie beforehand,

The movie's theme revolves around "the will to live"..

In our lives, we tend to say "even if I die" for the sake of something or someone we hold dear, but this is not the ultimate thing of selflessness. We need to stay alive to enjoy it. We need to stay alive for our loved ones. Take care of yourself before any other. Protect yourself before any other. (you can't find these lines in the movie).

" Think of your own survival before others". 

For if we are able and healthy, we will be able to protect others.
photo  credits to owner

Amidst the sword fights,fist fights, large fries and coke float , these thoughts have changed my OA point of views in life to a more hopeful one:

This life is not ours to throw or waste away. Stay Alive and live it beautifully.

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