Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love.Misadventure.Love.Repeat cycle.

I am rereading Lang Leav's Book  (Love  and Misadventure) and I couldn't believe myself that I bought this book at Php 575.00.

Love and Misadventure by Lang Leave
The book having few lines for each poem and a blank after every poem  seemed to me (now) as an expensive unreasonable splurge. In fact, I think I just bought a notebook (I can  fill the blank pages with my own thoughts or notes).

But I couldn't blame my self for long and you couldn't blame me either,her poems are like small cannon balls the size that of a marble and explodes bigtime. Sometimes, the words don't blast in my face but become like that of creepy crawlers,giving you goosebumps (not the horror kind) and sometimes like pest eating my heart up little by little. (munch by munch?). So few in words, but bursting. So few in words but ..(insert hand animations here!!!!!)

If you haven't read the book,you should. And if you don't have time yet, then you should add it on your reading list.

If you aren't so into poems, well, do not judge all poems just because they are named poems. Poems are not there to tell you how to feel...they are here to tell us that we feel. 

inspired by the great Lang Leav
Good thing, the termites wasn't able to find their way to this book. I'm planning to lend it to anyone who wants to read it. I'm even planning to force my friends to read it (nyahe!)

It would be a shame for a good book to be kept shelved forever...A good book should be shared. Who wants to borrow?

I am adding her new book "Lullabies" in my wish list together with a wish that I'd get the copy for free *winks *winks :D

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