Friday, March 20, 2015

Two sights are better than One

Who sees the glass as half-full and who sees the glass half-empty?  

The pros of having a pessimistic friend in the group:

….because the only person you can tolerate for being a pessimist is a friend of yours.

You have a project, and you’re so hyped up with your great ideas and puffed up with all the good things that can happen and they’ll enumerate all the what-ifs that can also happen. They’re not discouraging you. They are just helping you formulate another better idea.

You are gaga all over about this super cute dress or a bag and (yes) they’ll acknowledge it but will go pointing out all the little things that scream big signs of NO-NO. From zippers that get stuck up, materials that are hard to wash, clothes that are itchy and warm to the skin and on how the quality is not so worth your money.

They don’t purposely want to ruin your vibe when you’re happy high up in cloud 9. They just throw a light of truth along your clouded judgment. They’re useful because they prevent you from making decisions that you might regret an hour later, or if you must insist in going for it, they help you see what can go wrong so that you can do your strategic planning in case the worst case scenarios arise in the future.

A pessimist (may) see more of the negative things that is why they need optimistic friends to inspire them. A balancing act, for all to survive,