Wednesday, February 25, 2015

27 years on earth

27 years has passed and as I’m now living the days toward my 28th year,

May I have:
A healthy body
A loving and grateful heart
Gentle serving and giving hands
A peaceful mind and
A strong blazing faith
These are the things I’m praying for.

To be of Good service
To be an inspiration
To be constantly improving in my field of work
To make manifest in me the goodness and greatness of our Creator
To be a listener, giver, comforter, educator, worker, thinker and lover
To leave a mark of genuine work
To hand-on a competitive output
These are the things I’m aiming for.

Travel. Travel. Travel.
These are what I’m wishing for.

Books. More Books. Lots of Books.
These are the things I’m coveting of.

World Peace.
This is the only thing I’m fighting for.

A sense of purpose.
This is what I’m living for.

My Family, friends and friends I haven’t met yet
They are the people I am grateful for.

Thank you for sticking up with me. Your presence in my life never went unnoticed, maybe not acknowledged but never unnoticed.

Journeying together has made life easier to live, made the burdens lighter and the pains bearable. Journeying with you made the tomorrows worth waking and getting up for.

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