Sunday, April 12, 2015

On a Fine Sunday

One very fine Sunday!
A day with no worries.
No specific activities
Just a plan to seize and make use of the day.
Just taking in the moment.
No brisk walking.
No thoughts flying .
No day dreaming.
Just being present in the "Here" & "Now"
Looking down at my feet, there is a mix of litter,dried leaves and fallen flowers scattered everywhere.
It looked like a mess until I refocused my sight.
I saw beauty in it. 
A purpose and a meaning.
Looking up, I saw a more beautiful view.
A view of hope and endless possibilities.
Each day is beautiful, only if we see and think it that way.
We don't have to blame people,events or things for ruining our day.
We should be reprimanding ourselves for overlooking the good things, the help and blessings.
Life offers something beautiful each day,
We just have to look around.
Look closer or look beyond,
Either way, there's something for us to see and marvel at.

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