Friday, November 21, 2014

RED package: delivered:received:happy

Tadah! Here are the contents of the red envelope sent to me by my BBFF all the way from General Santos City. Thanks to her Officemate who went to Camiguin Island, we got a courier with no fees. (oops!peace!)

 She sent me the photocopies to Shariah's Law on Inheritance. Yes, she's into law and all hail to her super time management skills that she goes to work at day and goes to school at night and can still maintain being a daughter,sister,friend and girlfriend at all times throughout the days (and may I insert) and still had some time to read this shariah Law on inheritance . I tried reading a part of it and It's confusing when you don't have 100% focus into it. 

Each of us have woes on our studies. We don't have actually the same experiences but (surprisingly) we do have the same sentiments. (

I also finally got the loombands she made for me (in shades of purple,as per my request). She made these during the loomband craze months ago to make her bored times still productive. And, shall I say, they're the right size for my wrist!

Included in the folder is a thoughts to keep by hallmark which we use as bookmarks and at the same time a note card. Sadly, I cannot find any of these nowadays in National Bookstores, They always tell me, that Thoughts to Keep by Hallmark are not available anymore (how is that?). 

That long note on the left part is actually a letter. I/we love writing letters as much as receiving them.*winks

At first glance, I thought she sent me some beads for me to make a bracelet or maybe some pebbles for me to keep as a remembrance. But the note said that these are yummy! So they're edible! Do not underestimate these pebble-looking thingy, they did taste yummy in different shades/taste of chocolates. Though I can say these are PG13 treats. I do not recommend giving these to toddlers or younger kids, lest they'll pick pebbles along the yard and mistook them as candies. (We don't want that to happen) Hehehe.

and....I miss her. I miss our long walks and talks. I am looking forward for the next time we'll hangout together. I am not making plans. Life has a way to sabotage my plans especially when I get I'll just keep calm and quiet.

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