Saturday, June 7, 2014

Seeker of a Keeper ;D

I was digging into old files for documented transactions way 2009 (from the hard drive of a broken laptop) and to my great surprise found a rather interesting collection of movies.  Forget the 2009 files I found ,they weren’t much helpful. So back to the movie files, it's like I've found a treasure chest, all movies are clear copy like they've been ripped off from an original copy and movies I haven't watched yet. I am starting to think that it was fate that led me to finding them.(nyahehe) there's even a copy of the movie Flipped! (haherm)

Interesting because you see, I haven’t watched HP (that’s Harry Potter) series nor read the book. It’s not that I didn’t want to, It’s just that I haven’t found the time to sit and really watch/read. I promised myself I’ll give it time but time went by and, yes, I haven’t given it the time until the other day and yesterday.

I was in college when I first heard of Harry Potter and being a manic reader (not yet maniac), I was more interested of the book than of the movie.  But I don’t know why I haven’t really given it my time (even until now, I haven’t read the book series).

You must’ve known already the story or maybe already forgotten about it (it’s been years), but I don’t wish to give you a refresher , I just want to let anyone know that I was finally able to watch the HP movies and would like to read the books  in one sitting! (if only I can)

Here are the screen shots I loved most.(and the only ones I took)

I saw it right?...HP who's super glad to see his friend and Ron whose joyfully happy to see Hermione <3

Was it just me? Or what?  But I’m attracted to the likes of Ron . I remembered friends gushing for Harry Potter but why am I smiling everytime I see Ron? Those facial expressions maybe? Or maybe somethin’ else?
This is one happy side

and the other side ( we don't think it's happy) eh?
I swear, Once in my life I looked like Ron from this scene...looking at someone from afar
I feel for you Ron...ahaha

the furious and the jealous?

If I am years younger than now, I’d be secretly smiling for Ron (all the time) and punching the air for this rather good looking keeper.(the goal keeper,do you know his name?) But now that I’m way older than years before, I am  secretly wishing for someone that is  a keeper. (Do you know where can I find one) ;D

the keeper (in this game, HP is the seeker)
These were the only screenshots I managed to saved because these were those moments that (I don’t know again) really caught my attention that I had to press the pause button ,stare ,smile and replay.  Except of course that of the keeper, where I pause the scene, stared a little longer, stared a little more and smiled  like a teenager looking like an idiot. …and replayed that part of the movie twice or more maybe. :D

And here's one that got me laughing! Harry Potter underwater with his Specs on. I wear eyeglasses and I swear, you just cannot wear spectacles with all those water and underwater things around you. But then HP is HP and  Hogwarts is not in the map, so... WAY TO GO Haaarrrryyyyy! :D

Harry underwater with his spectacles!


  1. That's Oliver Wood haha (I'm a Harry Potter freak!)

    1. thank you for that info teng... btw,i just joined your site.

  2. I haven't read this book series and I haven't even seen all of the movies would you believe, I have so much catching up to do!

    1. I believe !..I myself haven't read the books sam. So many books,so little time.