Saturday, January 10, 2015

A fire that kindles other fires

It's 2015 and the string of vacation days have reached the end knot. 

We are back to work and saving, and I now have a string of reports to make which entails many minor strings of mini tasks before I can start accomplishing the end goal report. Man, I am already exhausted in the first week. But being able to have reflection days during holidays lengthened my patience and rekindled my passion for good and purposeful things.

For me, taking a break means reading. And whilst I took that break, I happened to browse the pages of school publication and I'm putting in here what struck me during that few seconds of breaktime. 

" Look at the problem and find a way to solve it. Do not waste your time looking for someone to blame. Just solve it. As Shell puts it, "Say No to NO". "Isn't it time to be negative about negativity?" or as Nike puts it "Just Do It."-----FR.BIENVENIDO F. NEBRES,SJ

So I would just do that. What is important is to get things done. A choice needs to be made and it matters on priority. I choose to give my best and ask for help. There's no time to dilly dally and sulk over things that should've been done but weren't.

Gambatte as we strive to have a better world this 2015! May we never lose the passion that fires us up to give more and love more with our high hopes that we'll set others on fire to do the same.

Keep the fire burning!

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