Friday, January 30, 2015

Exchange Shirts

When  Thank You seems not enough, you just gotta say thank you again and sprinkle more ajinomoto.

A mountaineer have conquered Cagayan de Oro City by successfully completing a solo quest in search for  Pane e Dolci's Sylvannas. Thankfully, he found it! and thankfully, he was able to handcarry those oh so precious baby packages back to General Santos City . 

To congratulate him for that and to welcome a potential CDO tourist. I have bought him a shirt. 

Choosing designs from a souvenir shop is easy peazy, what will eat your your time is deciding what size to buy for a person who seems to bloat and shrink. (oooops!) 

December, and I was malling,strolling and shelling money for books (eherm) I got this shirt hand delivered to me.  (sealed and delivered but not signed). No letters, no notes dude. How sad. (haha)

From General Santos City to someone who hasn't been there yet! 

And my goal is to really fatten myself up and fill up the shirt. It can pass as a dress if I haven't tucked the shirt in. (teehee) I realized then, how thin I am. (Please send tuna from GSC the next time please!)

Thank you GSC...and it's no Ajinomoto sprinkles when I say I love GenSAn. I haven't been there (yet), but I have developed a sense of love for GenSan mainly because of the people there. My BBFF, FBF and the yaya monkey faced on the first picture and for the future friends I haven't met yet. 

See you GenSan! (the soonest) crossed fingers!

*this post is already long due. I was caught up already in the hustle and bustle of Christmas season as well as the 2015 back to work mode. Good thing I have this alibi to blog and divert my stressed ranger mode and find something to be thankful for amidst the chaos around and within me. (hahaha)