Wednesday, January 14, 2015

December Gifts

Last Saturday I went to run an errand. And that errand is to pick up gifts for me from a party I wasn't able to attend last December. My peg was "no show" for 2 parties and a wedding. I didn't really wished not to come, it's just that there are many kinds of threats when in comes to safety in traveling. 

Biane. Gomennasai.

...and arigatou for these gifts. 

Since I am away from home. A mug is my all-in-one drinking glass (for coffee,juice,tea,water and even for soup), unlike at home where you get to have a cup, a mug and a glass.

These are hand cremes by Glam Works. I love that they come in small tubes that you can put in the pocket of your bags. They are sweet yet fresh smelling too. I know they're hand cremes but I am going beyond than just my hands. I am currently using the pink one as body lotion and reserving the green ones just for my hands.

....and the letters! I love letters. 

I saved this picture for last because it seems to have a theme aside from the color pink. A watch,a dainty stationery,and Victoria's Secret Love Spell in a bottle. The letter told me of hopes that I'd like the scent. Like is underrated. I love the scent, and in  fact I've been trying to search for that sweet fruity scent for many years now. I've encountered the scent in Comfort room stalls in  malls and I'm just too shy to ask the person what scent is she using. (haha). Now, it finally found its way into me.

The watch's band needs adjustment since I have a thin wrist. As written in the letter, I can have the strap adjusted at any watch repair shop.*wink

Now, as for the theme I mentioned. . . You see a perfume and a watch. I see the need for a love spell and I hear the time ticking as the days bring me to my 27th birthday next month. (harhar). 

People are telling me that it's high time I marry. Marry!? To whom? 


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