Monday, June 17, 2013

...all fired up

This post is to remind me of my future self that as of this moment I am fired up to dream big dreams and will try my very best to achieve them. I am congratulating myself of my awareness that I do want to have a good life and a better one for my loved ones in life. May I do well.

I saw these bunch of photos in my facebook newsfeed and made me reflect. It has always been the 'I want to do it stage' and I'm glad right now I am on the 'I'll try to do it' stage...I am very hopeful and praying that I can do it.
 I'm fighting procrastination and trying to keep my eyes open to the truth around me..that way I'll be able to live life as is and not remain dreaming. I am opening myself to possible failures but in doing so I am also letting the good things come into my life..
 ...This one set me flaring..I admit,I am not satisfied with where I am right now. Some say,being unsatisfied is unhealthy. I say,not all the time. We don't settle for mediocrity...we always strive to manifest God's greatness through the best possible version of ourselves. We are all destined to be great in many ways,you'll know it by heart...If we really know ourselves,we know what we want and what we are capable of...We know that the ultimate destiny is happiness and we'll know it by the feel.
 If you don't know what you want,at least know what you don't want. I'll keep believing for a better life. All 
for the greater glory of God.

How 'bout you? Which step have you been so far?

*credits to the photo owners

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  1. Lovely post! I should definitely make a post like this as well, to help keep me going through patchy times. >__<