Friday, June 14, 2013

DIM (Did It Myself)- Freebie notebook to Personal Notebook

Since my pep talk to myself about the upcoming classes for June is a little bit not so effective I decided to upgrade it into a pep project...I personalized an old giveaway notebook and this was how it went..

I needed :
  • glue
  • scissors
  • clean sheet of paper
  • old notebook (or a new one will do) 
  • magazines
  • anything that went along the way

This is the old notebook that I got as a freebie. I wrapped it with plain white paper to serve as the base. I recommend you opt for the non-glossy ones so that it would be easier for glued items to stick.

 From old magazines, I started to cut out pictures or words that's within my theme (usually,these are the pictures and phrases that catches my attention or connects to my thoughts).

I was having second thoughts on the cut outs from these magazines,though these are back issues,I keep rereading the articles when I'm bored.What i did was to choose those that will not sacrifice the pages with the articles(win-win eh?)
The watercolor part just came along ...wasn't part of my plan in the first place,but I guess that's how life is :),along the way we find better things and change.

 Since I have a cut out of an owl I opted for the a nature green. Believe me,I had a hard time making it look like it's grungy.
Next is the layout. This one took my time,I wanted to fit all the cutouts and so i did the arrange-rearrange-arrange again cycle. I cannot risk any space if I glue the cutouts directly.Just like a strategist, I managed to fit them.(sadly,I have to let go of the longer phrases and talked myself that I'd just be using it on another pep project)

Glued as neatly as possible.
 My pep work with the pep talk in it! I have to buy a clear cellophane cover to protect the notebook from the rain. Having something like this with me gives me a certain feel of comfort.
How 'bout you? Does the time come in your life where you just become so sentimentalist and artsy all of a sudden?

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