Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving out.moving in.moving on.

These Past few days, I’m on a crazy lazy ride . Classes already started and there’s the adding and dropping of subjects, orientations, assignments and upcoming quizzes, to top it all, I just transferred to a new room.
It’s sort of crazy because I’m sort of caught in a whirlwind of activities, I seems that I haven’t geared up totally to the school thing. Lazy because, my new room looks like a storage room and the things I need are so out of sight and I don't want to develop any headaches this time of the month. I don’t have the time yet to arrange my things and so they are still on big bags all mixed up. I wasn’t even able to charge my mobile phone just because I’m too lazy to scavenge the charger among the loot bags.
Yes, I just moved out and moved in. It has a smaller space area than the previous but I’m having my own room at last. To keep the dust out, we purchased this shower curtain at handyman at a mall ,we weren’t allowed to open the packing while at store because it’s sealed and so we just relied on the color and hoped the design is ok. Well, I can say It’s more than ok…I even considered it as ‘meant to be’. The shower curtain is soooo meeee. With swans and water lilies…the swans, reminded me of the ugly duckling story. It is a very special story for me, because I’ve always felt I’m an ugly duckling and I’m always wondering whether I’d be a graceful swan someday or maybe just remain an ugly duck.

The water lilies are a bonus, if you happened to read my first blog post, I used a picture of a waterlily. Water lilies  thrive and bloom on polluted water. The original site for this blog was really and I changed it to shiminisheng afterwards.  Well it’s a shower curtain but we used it inside my room as a wall curtain. My room feels like home and I’m excited for the coming days wherein I can finally organize my things and put personal touches.  (say,a poster size of Justin Bieber?or perhaps my own portrait?----just kidding!)

Everything is still in progress, I am hopeful I can catch the right pace the soonest. As of this moment I’m doing the not so usual multitasking…while doing task at work, I’m also doing my research in the internet and maintaining blog at the same time…I know,it’s not ethical, but this is for survival. I just console myself with the thought that I’m still able to finish tasks while doing the study-research-blog at the same time.

All hopes for a better tomorrow.

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