Thursday, June 6, 2013

...strolling in blogosphere

I was blog walking when I came up to these two blogs and got stuck. I obviously dug into their previous posts and I cannot help myself from expressing my awe by making a blog entry. As I had mentioned before on my RealityChangers post that I'm appreciative but certainly there are those things that really caught and got you  and then you realize you are sticking to this one. That's what I felt about these two blogs, I was inspired by their stories and way of living. It made me realize that I am not even halfway as to where they are and as to what they had been to, but that made me more hopeful about better things coming my way if I'd just stay positive. 

Here's the link to their blogs: nieniedialogues and one young family+one old house=love

I do hope you'd find the same comfort,hope and better dreams that I'd found while browsing their pages.

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