Wednesday, June 5, 2013

...diving precious soap

Maybe I was half asleep half daydreaming when I was taking my shower this early morning that I was awakened by what happened next.

Okay, I was lathering my face soap all over and it slipped out of my hand and went straight into the uh oh! My precious soap fell into the toilet bowl (sound effects: glob. or it sounded more like a flop). I went like arrrghhhh (alas,wide awake!). not because it fell. Not because it’s in the bowl. not because I’m not yet through lathering the soap. It was because,that was fresh from the box soap and I spent way more than the price of an ordinary soap. My budget was ruined! So much for the reaction though, I know I reacted way over than the accepted reaction for such circumstances.
Then I was confronted with the dilemma. How will I get the soap out of the toilet? Seriously, I can’t let that remain in there, it will clog it and there would be yuckier things that will surely happen. Surprisingly, I wasn’t pissed off by the situation,I was more of amused and relieved that I was wise enough to cut that soap into half (yippee! I still have the other half of the soap tucked in my drawer).  I am not totally robbed off my money, which is good to know.
This surely made my day! I know it’s too early in the morn to already call it a day but I just felt like it. So I’m having my second day on the same day. Once in a while we have this kind of awkward situations with ourselves and we end up laughing with our own selves.  How ‘bout you? Do you have moments like this?

As for the soap in the toilet, I managed to fish it out. Nah! I said goodbye to the soap already, I’m not using it ever again . (oooookaaaay,I admit,I was tempted to use it again….and the end! I scolded myself for thinking such thoughts)
...The soap's gone! I swear! I won't be using it again...I'll be unwrapping the other half and ...why am I so defensive all of a sudden?

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