Friday, May 31, 2013

...Welcoming June with the rain as confetti

Summer is officially over and the rainy season is finally here. 
Goodbye to vacations and hello school!

Seriously I've been wonderin' why do we have June as start of the school year? Cold weather tempts us to be lazy and sleepy. Waking up early when all we want is to remain in the warm comforts of our bed is an everyday struggle. There goes the issue too of getting your shoes wet or  sometimes your feet and worst your dress and things. Honestly, I'd rather stay inside and starve myself than go outside to find food on a rainy day. (too lazy,you can say). How can you concentrate on homeworks and reviews when the drip drops of the rain in the roof sounds like a lullaby lulling you to sleep. sigh*

I know,ever since, that June is start of school and I've been going to school for many yearS.Surprisingly,I've never gotten over the thought. Since I cannot do anything about it I'll just have to do the June ritual.

1. Time to bring out those jackets tucked in the corners of my cabinet

2. Buy a sturdy umbrella (preferably a colorful one),not the one with much flowers though.

3.Set up the study area (time to keep the magazines and give mr.webster a special spotlight spot.

4. Set alarm clock. (by that I meant,buy new batteries and check if it's still working)

5. Start the training (the one where you sleep early and wake up the same time everyday).

6. Give yourself a Peptalk about how exciting school will be.

7. Take the vitamins you've been neglecting (upgrading the immune system I say)

8. Get yourself busy about other things to prepare before going to school (this way,you'll have lesser time to not to like school)

9.Get ready for the huge wave of written and reading assignments as well as popping quizzes and the unending activities that'd make you feel you're on an amazing race.

10. Never mind what I wrote above and just be excited of the thought that you'd be meeting lotsa friends and the possibility of stumbling upon a Mr./Ms. Inspiration.

Moreover,I'll just take it like I'm in a movie. I need to do well If I want to become the president of the country or become a role model or perhaps a runway model. 

I see that whatever we do good will bring us to good places.

Plus you'll make ma&pa proud along with the people you love and those who love you.

One great cheer for another school year. Gambatte! Let us do well

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