Wednesday, May 22, 2013

...reality with Reality Changers

Negative emotions are like cancer. They eat you up.

I’ve been feeling so down since January of this year and I am so aware of it. In my search for an effective pick-me-upper I found none. But my newsfeed in Facebook is flooding with picture quotes from the pages I liked. And believe me, it might sound weird but they all seemed to match the situation and feelings I’m in.I’ve read books and watched movies. The messages were comforting and I was consoled but never uplifted until I’ve stumbled upon this video in facebook . A father with his daughters singing Christina Perri’s A thousand Years surely did brought a genuine smile on my face. It’s an ultimate bonding moment and I wanted to see more but there’s no link and so in my stalker mode I searched them in Youtube. After being so patient in typing possible keywords, opening every search hit and following links, I arrived at the channel realitychangers. Watching few of their vlogs (video blogs), I knew then that this family will be on my ‘love at fist sense” list.

I was looking for happiness through people with the same situation as mine ,through songs that evoke the emotions that I have, through the usual  things and It’s not effective for me in the long run. When people are so into Pink’s song “just give me a reason”, I was singing her song “Blow Me”at the top of my voice (in my head). The script’s six degrees of separation and breakeven were also on repeat on my playlist together with Taylor Swift’s The story of us along with other similar songs. Then, what now? What’s next? I see myself stuck in the bitter and reverse bittering stage. I can’t remain there forever and so I end up wiping all the songs in my phone and downloaded Realitychangers’ video to the full capacity of my memory card. I viewed the videos once online and I am watching them again and again in my phone.
Never did I thought that something I cannot relate to can bring such joy in me. That video showing up in newsfeed was meant to be. I didn’t know much about their story and I have many questions popping in my head like “Where’s the mother?” “What?25 years old? Same age as me?”,the answers to these questions were not readily available until I watched all their videos. I considered it a month of therapy. Now, I am always looking forward to the next video upload. 

This family inspires me in so many ways. It is right then that life doesn’t have the same answer to same situations (no formula), instead there could be a same answer to different situations (different test, different difficulty but same answers). A single person and a family on different situations have found the same answers to whatever situation they are into.

People may say what’s so new about video blogging, it’s just daily life recorded n video. Everyone else is struggling and everybody is striving like them. That’s it! Sharing your story to the world is a healthy thing for them and us. By knowing you are not alone is the ultimate relief you can ever have. But it is in sharing how you overcame the negative things that you bring a whole new light to some gloomy parts in the world. This is how we should inspire, not just by telling but by showing. The words are there and our life is a proof that those words do work.

I want to share this family to you.

Alexa,Jorge and Eliana Narvaez
I am still drafting my blog about introducing Narvaez Family to people that are new to their vlog. I hope ‘twill be helpful. Just a few details to lead you on.Hope it will be on my next blog.

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