Wednesday, May 29, 2013

...cockfights on the dinner table

I just had this very interesting conversation with my office mate about cockfighting. From food and medicines to gambling in the cockfight arena,I was taking it all in. Cockfighting is no small thing,it's a big time activity.

Cockfights usually happen on Sundays.

There are many hand signals,codes,rules and even cheats and there I was thinking that cockfighting is just plain gamble. I swear! It is more than that! There are dextrose powders,skimmed milk,chopped carrots and potatoes,sharp blades,aircons,bath time,snack time,weigh monitoring and a whole lot more. The cocks seemed to have a luxurious life compared to their owners.

What amazed me though is the "KRISTO" which in my most decent translation is a person inside the arena which gathers your bets and records them mentally. Mind you, you can't fool them,they have more than above average memory. They get your bets through your hand signals and you're giving your bet among with others so how could they keep track of that? There are two sides in a betting game and they handle the bets for both sides! I couldn't say wow anymore,it's underrated.

Suddenly I want to witness a real cockfight, a derby perhaps?
Should you want to take me to one of those cockfights,I'd gladly take it into consideration provided that you'll assure me about my safety inside the cockpit and of course bring me safe home.

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