Tuesday, May 28, 2013

...retro class cards

I am saying hello to class Cards!

Do you know what are those? I only heard about them from relatives who mentions them when they talk about the good old college days. Other than that, all I had was a hazy picture of what it might look like. You've probably heard your parents mention them or perhaps from your grannies. 

In this modern computer era I thought Class Cards don't exist anymore until today. Though you may think it's too old school to still have them or maybe freaking out that you're in a wrong era,but I am happy to be having my first hand encounter with the Class cards. Honestly,I did had those wrinkles in my forehead when I received the cards (What am I going to do with these?!) and then I managed to read what's in it and talked myself into it.

Class Cards were given at the end of the enrollment process wherein you are considered officially enrolled.It is a small size of sturdy paper (thicker than construction paper and with numbered series. You'll get a card for every subject you enrolled into.
Class Card (back)

Like a ticket that you need to present to get in a concert,it's like a pass you give to your instructor to get yourself into the class.

Class Card(front)
 The class cards stay with the instructor and you'll be having it at the end of the semester with your final grade encircled. Between that,I don't have much idea what happens . But if I were the instructor,I'm gonna be using it as reference when calling students to recite or maybe roll-calling for attendance.(*wink).

'twas a humbling experience yet at the same time I'm very boastful to have this experience that some of you might not have.
I'm sharing how it looks like because we might not have them anymore in the next years to come. 

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