Thursday, May 23, 2013 vino overload,there can be truth

a while ago,a good friend of mine is asking me about whether a person like him has a chance on someone like me. That one caught me offguard and I have to make sure whether he's drunk or not.Well he's not drunk,just a little sober maybe. Dwelling on the thought though, I am so curious why people  have these kind of questions when in the first place,it's not a question at all.It is a thought...just a floating thought. I do believe that asking this out loud is like an insult to both persons. Why would you think there is no chance?And if there really isn't,why do you say so? This is not a test you take in school where you should write `true` or `false`,or choose a,b,c,d or e writing the answers on the space provided. Nor an exam where the solution to the problem is shown. We live the answers to the questions that life gives us.

Everyone has a chance if we just take a chance. Only if we believe in ourselves,we are all capable and able. Let us try to minimize the instances wherein we tend to group people into "good","not so good","better" and "no good". See your potential and feel the miracle in you just waiting to burst into splendid beauty.Go take the chance,if you're happy with it,you will not regret it even if you flunked. There are no guaranteed things in this world.Everything and everyone is bound for a change.

As for my friend out there, i think I might also need the shots to give you a pointless answer. Now that I'm only drunk with tap water,I'll just have to tell you "only life can give a NO for an answer...the rest should always say YES to life"


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