Tuesday, May 21, 2013

...narrowing down choices

I don’t want a Cinderella kind of story I prefer a Barbie kind of life.

Don’t get me wrong, I watched Cinderella over and over again. I admire her goodness and patience for her Stepmother and sisters, her cheerful optimistic attitude on the kind of treatment she has at home.  Every time I watch it, I am consoled by the thought that, no matter what happens and whatever situation you are in, there will always be people on your side (portrayed by the birds, rats and the fairy Godmother and even the horse) to cheer you up, feel for you, help you and even grant your wishes. I believe too that someday my Prince will come and that no kind of hindrance can prevent my destiny from reaching me even when I’m on the remotest hidden place in the world.

Yes, I think I got the story. 

In this kind of life I live, Romantic notions are not on my priority list, I agree to some thoughts that Love is a byproduct of your daily activity; More of an incentive or, in my terms, just a surprise freebie.
We don’t work hard to be loved; we work because we need money to live.

We don’t study well and do good in school to be loved, it is because we owe that to our parents/guardians for sending us to school and we owe that too to our dreams.

We don’t extend help to be loved, we do because it is rightful.

We don’t take care of ourselves and make effort to be pretty to be loved, we do that because we feel good being healthy and beautiful.

Our main goal in life is to live a good honest life and I do believe things will follow after that

And this is where Barbie comes in again. My father always teases me on my addiction to Barbie movies in college days saying I’m too old for such kind. (fact: cartoon figures were originally made for adults as humorous portrayal ).Eventually, the tease became a negative one. He thought that the reason why I’m skinny is that I don’t eat well because I wanted that Barbie figure. No,I am not! I repeat,NO. I love Barbie not because of her looks (oh well,It’s a plus that she’s beautiful), I came to love her because of her attitude and outlook in life. Whether it’s a fairy movie or the Diary movie, I see a strong independent woman. Yes, she does have friends like Cinderella and the rest of princesses does; (I vow not to make any comparisons). It’s just that Barbie is outright smart and effortlessly shows no effort to show it but then again, it shows. It’s a regal thing.

A life living to fullest in the most honest and dignified way.
Believing in the power of goodness of others and highlighting individuality. 
 Full of dreams,armed with confidence and the will to pursue them no matter what. 
Making new friends because there are really no strangers in this life, just friends we haven’t met yet.
 Being responsible in the fact that our responsibility isn’t just to ourselves and our inner circle of loved ones but to the community as well.
 Extending help whenever given the chance and provide aid wherever necessary. 
Seeing beauty in the smallest of things and being able to enjoy it. 
Making not so good decisions and sometimes being clumsy and not dwelling on it.
 Exploring curiosities and admitting we don’t know much, that there is more to what we know.
 Showcasing the power of honesty and of forgiveness and faith.

As  I see more of life, I gradually found out that there is more to life than prince charming. 

I like cinderellie (that’s how close Cinderella is to me,I call it ‘name of endearment’)

I love Barbie.

..simple as that or so I think

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