Wednesday, May 22, 2013

...reality changers

I am not kind of a person with easy to fall feelings. Yes,I am appreciative of everything around me, from natural to weird things. I like a lot of things but I do keep a few that I love. 

Here are few things about the Narvaez family,great for start up.

Alexa Narvaez
Jorge-26 a father  of two who worked his way through college making him the first in the family to earn a diploma(imagine him studying, doing homework and changing diapers at night)He is a founding member of Reality Changers, a tutoring program for scholars. 

Alexa-8  so into art and minerals

Eliana-4 chunky monkey who loves candy and blueberries

They were younger in their videos.

It all started with a video of father and sleepy Alexa singing a cover of the song Home by Edward Sharp and the magnetic zeroes uploaded December 31,2010 (few days after,the video went viral)

Nancy with Eli
Mom and Dad are separated and so half of the week the kids stay with Jorge(dad) and the rest with Nancy(mom). They had Alexa when they’re still in high school when Jorge’s still 18.

Despite being separated, Jorge and Nancy remain to be good friends.Nancy has a boyfriend and Jorge now have Gisela (Girlfriend). They co-parent 50/50 literally

Alexa and Eli are normal kids…they have tantrums and even accidents.

I admire how these kids were raised with patience and discipline even if they knew that there are lots of fans around the world that will definitely spoil them.
No cable channels at home,they use Netflix (that way Jorge can monitor what shows were being watched)…up to now,there is still no cure for the Bieber fever and Jorge do have to brace himself.

The kids are exposed to art exhibits and music fairs. They frequently visit parks and beaches.

Candies aren’t freely given and the kids clean their own room .

Eliana (Eli) Narvaez
No soda. (how was that?)…one sure sign Jorge’s on the right track is that the kids demand to be given a salad for dinner.

This is not a perfect family, and that’s what makes it perfect.Life is an everyday affair and it goes on and on.  
All in, conversation within the family is a rope that keeps it together.

Know them more by visiting their Youtube channel Realitychangers. Be gentle on the replay button though. ;)

P.S. Reality Sunday means the video footage is one take and uploaded uploaded as is ; Check out too how he plays and handle the guitar.


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