Friday, August 23, 2013

A mild rant version,though I’m seething on the insides

The right side of my hip hurts and it is the main culprit why I tossed and turned all night trying to find the most comfortable sleeping position I can manage. (and no, I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep all night to morn). I swear, I noted all the passing vehicles on the road just outside and even the footsteps of passersby that any attempt of burglary will be disappointed by me.  

Early morning came and the hustle and bustle grew with my irritated mood. Just when you managed to lull yourself to sleep, here comes a visitor with a very cheerful greeting of good mornings. Good vibes are in, and so was she. Of course ,Filipino tradition, it is rude not to offer something…coffee? Breakfast? Oh, and she opted for the coffee.. that means the person will be staying for more than five minutes.  People went in and out all throughout the day… and on ordinary days, that would be fine with me. But today wasn’t an ordinary one. I was having the triple H-aches and you wouldn’t really want to witness how that feels or how would that look like. 

I know visitors are good for a house…they brighten the aura of the house and makes it less haunty (if there’s such a word as haunty). Thank you for considering the house worthy of your presence and the people in it as worthy of your company. I just have one main concern though…please consider the other people in the house. Have they woken up yet? If not, then please lower down your voice.  Whether the person you are visiting is noisy all along, that is not permission for you to do the same.
Dawn to dusk to late evening, and people came and go.  I’ve heard every conversation that went outside. That is because (FYI), there’s only a thin division of plywood that separated my room from your conversation nook. Yes, yes…I heard every advice, facts and gossips conversed.  That is also because, I stayed in the room all day, waiting for the perfect moment to take my much deserved sleep, which to my own disappointment, never came.
I know, I could have aired my concern in your faces…but I know too, that you know I don’t do such thing. Confrontation is not my thing and I just don’t want to drag your happy atmosphere into my gloomy temper for the day.
My bottom line really is, may we be able to decipher when to lower down the volume of our voices. And if we don’t have volume adjustments on our voices, then it’s high time to have one.
Just so you’ll know,people with headaches are very sensitive/irritated to bright lights and loud noise. Those with hip aches don’t want to move much and would opt to stay put instead of coming out of their rooms and show you how irritated they are. Lastly, people with heartaches don’t know what they really feel…and they also don’t know how to express it. Some cry while laughing and some write a rant blog that looks like this.
Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate visitors (those with manners of course).

So here’s to hoping that I get a good night’s sleep tonight… (Please let me have one).

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