Monday, August 12, 2013

Daydreaming at night...again

In random order part 2:
  • v Eat, Drink and be Merry –the laidback style
    v  Try ice skating, rollerblades, beach volley, baseball…(dot dot dot, the list could be endless. Once I watch a sport, I tend to start wishing I could do the same too. I have few of some no no’s though, those would be boxing, wrestling and rugby so far.)
    v  Tend a bar (by this I meant bartending with lots of flare tending)
    v  Swim on a beach (I don’t know how to swim but I love beaches. They have a calming and comforting effect on me. So far, I only know how to soak in the beach.)
    v  Swim with some dolphins (..if only I could swim)
    v  Camp in the Mountains (complete with bonfires, tents and a starry sky)
    v….on some lazy days (which is almost of the time)
    v  Do volunteer works (build houses, clean the streets or maybe be a foster mother for a day ..the needs are endless)
    v  Meet more People (Obviously, I’ve only known a few and not much of them know me and only a few of those few are unfortunately stuck with me)
    v  Try parasailing, scuba diving and bungee jump (the extreme edition)
    v  Write a book ( as an anonymous author)
    v  Attend concerts (any concerts for free and sponsored ones. For pricey ones though, I’d splurge on P!nk’s, The Script, Arashi, Boyce Avenue, Nickelback,Hillsong, Bamboo and Cirque du Soleil (If circus do have concerts)
    v  Receive Surprises, Chocolates and flowers (Yes! On my list I’d like to do receive the things I’m not so interested into. Basically, I am not a chocolate lover and I pity beautiful flowers that’ll just wilt afterwards. But for once, I’d like to know how would it feel. Maybe then I’d change my views after…)
    You: what are you doin’?
    Me: Uhmmmmm…receiving stuffs :D
    v  Write letters (If have someone to send it too)
    v  Receive letters (handwritten ones)
    v  Ride a Horse (just like an equestrian)
    v  Paint my own room (royal purple? Sunny yellow? Minty green? Pale Blue? Or maybe stick to plain white…as long as it’s not pink…or maybe I’ll paint it fresh green, like that of  pistachio ice cream)
    v  Witness a firework festival (I don’t know why but fireworks have some kind of effect on me. I feel at peace and I tend to become mushy. Energizing and relaxing at the same time. Mind you, the after effects on me are indescribable and they can last a long time.
    v  Put this list as a blog entry

    ...well at least,I've managed to put the list as a blog entry. :)

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