Wednesday, August 28, 2013

...from meltdowns to spring at last!

Ever had mood swings? I have them almost all of the time. Life is all sunshiny! Question is, are we benefiting from it? A frozen something wouldn't want too much sunshine as how plants rejoice in it's existence. Melting down is a horrible just seem to have dropped an identity you are maintaining and reveal just how much water content you have.

10 days is way too long to suffer but tadah! I am so hopeful like the springtime. I think I've always known that I'd be catching a happy virus on the 27th and will be developing a negative one on 17s (seventeens). Looking back at those ten days, I realized I was over acting too much (over+too= OA to the nth power). 
I am laughing at myself and embarrassed at the same time and so I have to look for other things to blame it on to so that I can gain back my stance.

My main culprits are:

Boredomsphere-  holidays meant more time to do nothing. Few activities or none at all makes you more aware of your surroundings,say, you realize how much dust your room was able to accumulate, a chip on your nail polish or the nail cutter that is missing or hiding. You know you got to do something but then you won't because boredom is a byproduct of laziness. (here goes laziness again)

Too much sunlight/light- Exposing myself to too much light all of a sudden flicks my grumpy switch on (like a witch afraid of the sun eh?) . When there's too much light, you squint, then your eyebrows meet like that of an annoyed person and poof! you're grumpy all of a sudden. Might be that our moods go with our facial expressions and not the other way round. Next time, let's try to smile while looking at bright lights (like those we see on movies) and see if we can fake it 'till we make it.

Facebook photos- Facebook is my hangout. Yes! Yes! So much for browsing and refreshing my FB newsfeed (or in my most honest case- FB STALKING) every now and always. From posts of Friends and almost lovers to lovers of almost lovers (how come they're all happy while you can't find some for your own?).When you see photos of your friends on vacay or just plain happy with their careers, you'll start wishing you had the same.
Fact is: Pictures say a thousand things.
More fact: There are millions of things behind those pictures. (which we do not usually know). We think they are having a good life ever and us always having the worst times ever when in truth we are only seeing a chunk of a bigger story. Why so? Would people upload pictures of them on their worst times? A selfie with stuffy red nose and bloody red eyes from excessive crying? I don't think so. So let's think thrice before lashing at life for its alleged unfairness. There is more to what our eyes can see. Afterall the world they say is not two has a third dimension.

Starvation and/or Dehydration- Studies show that grumpiness can also be associated with hunger or thirst. So once you become aware you are feeling less than your normal good mood, try gulping on lotsa drinking water or ask yourself what you had for breakfast. If your answer is : "I haven't broke my fast yet", then it's high time you start loving yourself by feeding it with good stuffs. No one loves someone who isn't able to love him/herself first. (Where in science did I get that?). I wonder why Grumpy (dwarf in Snow White) is grumpy, maybe he gets a smaller share on meals eh?

Hormones- If we can't seem to pinpoint the reason of our grumpiness, we can all blame it on our hormones. PMS anyone? Be it Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or Pre-Menopausal Syndrome (which are the same..hehehe) we all say PMSiiiinggg together with our hissing!

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