Thursday, August 8, 2013

Daydreaming at Night

In no particular order:

v  Play the guitar & piano and sing (Yes,I do have a guitar and a piano but shame on me for letting the dusts set on them. The instruments were there just waiting for my dedication and time) P.S. I even have a flute.
v  Join Hip-hop dance classes (though I always mention yoga and inner peace, I do really want to join hip-hop classes. When I was younger, our school ‘being a Christian school’ only allowed folk dances, interpretative songs and interpretative dances. What’s the difference? Interpretative dance is interpreting the song through dancing, moving your hands, feet, head ,body in accordance to the music .Included here too are your facial expressions. Interpretative song on the other hand is like a drama or a mime out of the meaning of the song. The acting is done with the topic song playing in the background.
v  I want to perform on stage. (Ever since ,I wanted to be up a stage with all the thrill, confidence and all)
v  Sew Dresses (My mother is a dressmaker and I do have a taste for good fashion & style even if I don’t dress according to it)
v  Sketch and Fabric choosing (nothing would feel great than designing the dresses you’ll sew, from the fabric to the details. Imagine the fabric shipping!)
v  Be a party planner (I don’t usually attend parties, ‘coz people don’t usually invite me..ooops! And if they invite me ,I don’t usually go…double ooops! But I love creating themes and plot surprises. If given the chance, I have so much in mind----I love birthday parties and weddings the most)
v  Be a teacher (when I was a kid until high school, it’s always been ‘when I grow up, I want to become a teacher’. I want to influence kids, teach them to create their own dreams and inspire them to reach and achieve it. Being a witness also of school policies that I don’t like much, I have come to dream of having my own teaching pattern and scheme. One that challenges students to do more and something that emphasizes equality. By this, I’m saying no to teacher’s pet.)
v  An entrepreneur- a book café, atelier or a pastry shop would be nice.
v  Travel far- I don’t go out much. I haven’t even explored the local spots in the city. Anywhere where I’ve never been would be a great place to start with though I have my wishes rooted for Japan, Brazil, Spain and Italia.
v  Shop, Dine and Unwind –literally!
v  Learn how to drive----and own a bike or car thereafter or afore.
v  Do artworks (one that uses a brush and a watercolor as a medium)
v  Recycled Craftworks (I’m good at it. I think so!)
v  Bake a Cake (even if I’m a pastry chef by name, I believe you have to live according to your title and master the craft to be called one. Someday, I’ll be able to bake my first masterpiece cake..fingers crossed!)
v  Take Orders and bus tables (once in my lifetime perhaps)
v  Strut the Runway (wearing beautiful clothes, shoes and some war paint on my face)
v  Deliver a Speech (one made by myself of course)
v  Do early Morning Jogs (…just around the neighborhood, but being a late bedriser, I doubt I’d be able to do so. I think so too that our neighborhood is not an ideal place for a jogger with wandering thoughts. )
v  Attend business meetings and conferences ( ‘nuff said)
v  Be famous and respected (the bottom line of it all)
v  Plant a flower and a vegetable garden (take note of the ‘AND’ word)

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