Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blogger layout 101 by a blogger newbie (fail version)

My cousin just managed to dig up my blog account from a page I'm maintaining and developed a new fired up sense to update her long neglected blog account. She's currently trying hard to update the layout of her blog page...problem is, she got little or littler than little kind of patience. I was once a very patient gal but recently I seem to develop the same symptoms she's having ( is it true,impatience is one of the many signs of premature aging?) .She wants me to update the layout for her, but I'd like her to do it by herself. (evil grin).I'd like her to do it herself so that she'll know the basics. I already lost the same patience I had when I updated the layout of this blog page,so, in my most helpful kind of way I came up with this post.

the cutest blog on the block
  -this site is user friendly and it caters to your basic needs if you want to add a dash of sass to your page.
   From different themed layouts to buttons and blinkies , you can find them here. Good luck though on choosing what template to use. They have a wide array of choices that you'd have a hard time making up your mind on what to use.

feedjit allows you to track your page visitors

Flag Counter gives you a summary of the visitors your page is having through by countries.

Chatbox lets your visitors to leave a message without the hassles of the traditional 'send-me-an-email' if they want to say their hi's.

When you click those links, customize the features and copy the code generated.

end of my project...I ended up customizing her page and envied the results afterwards.
So much for my disciplinary advocacy. ... check out her blog and the layout by clicking this link

...with screenshots to capture and edit and the step by step'd rather update the page yourself than make a guide like the one I attempted to do.

Lazy hazy ...I think it's in the genes.

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