Sunday, August 4, 2013


Our Executive Director went to a business conference and bought a treat for us upon coming back. Last year, he brought dried fruits from his trip out of the country . Last month, he brought us these ginger candies. Since it's new to me, I took only one and bit a little portion from it instead of the usual shove-the-candy-in-your-mouth habit.

It looks like a gummy candy and nothing is so unusual about it's appearance. Good thing I took caution, for that tiny piece that I bit seems to represent a handful of pressed ginger in my mouth.It's a good feeling at first and then you'll start to fan your mouth and pant because of its very strong flavour.

I say,this is good for singers ( i think) , it soothes the throat really . As for me? I still have the remaining portion of the candy tucked in my bag. (teehee) want some?


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