Tuesday, August 13, 2013

first first.second first.third first.

Last Saturday, I attended my first acquaintance party. We had an exam before that (in the morning) and a game after the exam. The game I shall call mime relay, it is like message relay,only that you have to shut your mouth and let your body do the talking. And obviously, our group lost.( obviously because I suck at these kind of games...nyahe! )and obviously,I just went out of my first line topic.
inspiration for my dress..(photo not mine)

Reverting back to the acquaintance party, It only took me 30 minutes to prep up and go and I spent another 30 minutes on traffic. It was raining and I was starting to feel like I'm at home inside the cab. I wouldn't want to be late on my firsts. Halls opened at 2 PM and the program was supposed to start promptly at 3 PM but my friends came at 4, one was on his way to the mall for his attire...did I mentioned "he"?
I waited for them in the lobby,since I don't want to come in alone and I'm too shy to reserve seats for my friends. The lobby was teeming with people, in pairs but mostly in groups. When acquaintance parties are held in the middle of the semester, expect no new acquaintances to happen at all (though,it seemed that other schools are also having theirs days earlier and some later). Everyone were able to establish already circles of friends. I was enjoying the sight while I'm wrapped up inside my own bubble.
upper part looks like this one(photonotmine)

So much for a first timer, the program started at 4pm. There's oath taking,dance contest,intermission numbers, the food and of course the ever present Lord and Lady of the night. All I remember until now though is that we took many pictures and I am enjoying the time with people who I am comf'table to be with.
After that, we proceeded to a family KTV bar WATEVER...the rooms were named 'if ever', 'whenever' and other evers :D...I've only been to two KTV bars and that was my first in this one. My first too to sing ( i don't know if they sensed how embarrassed I am with my singing) .  I don't have pictures of the KTV's amenities but I do hope I can go back there so that I can share to you the place. (You might want to come one day) Rooms are airconditioned and we spent 300 Php for 1 hour of singing.
That day was full of firsts for me and I am thankful to my friends for letting me tag them along....or maybe the other way round, for letting me tag along ...

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