Monday, October 28, 2013

landscaped...errrr...hairscaped I mean :D (My hairscape experience)

I cannot erase the thought of having a haircut might turn out as horrorcut after..(to think November is just outside our doors), but I'd like to have a newer look before I go home in the mountains for the holidays.

All I wanted was to have some bangs swept on the sides (sideswept bangs it is) and tadah! I ended with a full haircur and a fuller ego*. 

'Twas my first time to try Hairscape.Ph in Centrio-Ayala Mall and I was on my usual solo flight modes (that means there's no one to tell me whether I'm off to a good place or a doom place) but I'm glad I went in anyway..

Hairscape.Ph gave me a sense of comfort (as if trying to tell me "relax,your head/hair will be in good hands":D). Their haircut service came with a relaxing shampoo massage (I could've  stayed lying there and enjoy more of the massage). I was offered drinks (tea ? water?) of my choice and it's free. What I love more was the initiative that I was given a magazine in case I wanted to browse one (That's being sensitive of what type of customer they are having and I'd like to assume that they sensed my shyness ).

Mae was my stylist,and thank heavens (at last!),someone told me that bangs might be not so for me since I have a low forehead. She recommended a bob and some treatments that my hair would be very happy to have (I guess,bob's my forever and pixie will just remain in my dreams). She definitely gave me a haircut that sent my inner self grinning widely from ear to ear evily (I told you, my ego's full).

It was also my first time to have two people (mae & marisol) working simultaneously in blowdrying my hair (the fuss did made the experience worthwhile---add three more people to work on the manis, pedis and make up, and I'd feel like I'm some make believe celebrity ).

I just didn't had a haircut, I had myself Hairscaped...and Oh,they finished it off with a spray of TIGI Bedhead product ( If I'm not mistaken that was the HeadRush).

One haircut can turn your world around.
People may see the difference but there is more to that....YOU (with the new haircut) can feel that difference.

I don't want to post pictures of myself in shiminisheng but moi/ego is full so I'm posting it anyway :D

There I go, after the overflowing of close and open parenthesis I just want to tell you that my experience was definitely worth having.

Have your own experience, is located at 3rd floor Centrio-Ayala Mall. Find them on Facebook

P.S. It seems that my Sundays are becoming FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream) days...I had a scoop of Choco Mint variant.



  1. For someone who's scared of salons, this was really helpful. Think I'll be going there na. Thanks.

  2. For someone who's scared of salons, this was really helpful. Think I'll be going there na. Thanks.