Tuesday, October 15, 2013

..we are so related!plants,cockroaches,butterflies,fishes,shrimps and humans

One of our final requirements for a subject in school to reflect on one of the articles found in www.icr.org
I was absent during the announcement (ooops!) and have to clarify whether the instruction 'reflection,reaction' would require me to come up with an informed reflection or the usual OMG-don't-know-that kind of reaction. So much for my confusion,our group is reflecting on a certain article that involves plants having electrical signals...and pooof! my love palpitations (for all things wonderful) is triggered.

I just cannot,remain on this article about Plants (click here to read it)..
I need to read more,which led me to many other articles...and I'm urging you to read it.

Amazing Fish Adaptive Design
Taste Tests Confirm Cockroaches Change Preferences
Humans Were Made for Walking
Butterflies Mimic Other Species with 'Amazing Supergene'
Evolution Can't Explain Dancing Babies
Yawning With a Purpose
Fish Studies Answer Flood Question
Shrimp Eye May Inspire New DVD Technology
Intestinal Bacteria: A Delicate Balance
Flu Fighter Found in Fruits and Vegetables
Wipe Once, Then Toss: The Antibiotic Resistance of the Superbug

every single detail has a purpose..(so is with whatever happening in our lives right now)...we were designed incredibly by God...to survive,thrive and live. We are so beyond what we think we are!
(all creations alike)

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