Friday, October 25, 2013

Journal Entry : Fear

It’s the day after Christmas
Everyone wished it would last
The reunion is all the fuss
Precious moments, it brings us close.

Suddenly there came a shriek
The reason for it we seek
We saw a familiar figure coming
It was you who is approaching.

I recognized you, though you’ve changed
I didn’t knew how to act, it made me flinch
You don’t seem to know me
You knew and remembered them all except me.

It pinched my heart
I was hurt
I wanted to burst into tears
Realizing it’s only a dream I had thought the years

I pretended to act normal
And you managed to be formal
Oh how I wanted you to talk to me
But you’re so occupied I see.

So I just sat there and waited
Until the excitement subsided
I presumed, there would be time that’s right
To talk to each other if we might.

But I guess I just don’t have the luck
To our group approaches a flock
Your face turned much brighter
And my heart was squeezed tighter

You introduced her to us
That she was your girl. Oh gosh!
Only few noticed my reaction
Only those who could connect the relation

Well, if that would ever happen
I’m not sure if my heart would still be open
And if so, maybe it would be a lesson learned
To not let go of a thing you so much yearned.

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