Friday, October 11, 2013

coping..when there's no prevention and cure

We cannot fully avoid when it are some of my tried and tested busters for stress. I've read a full
article of this on Yahoo (a long list of busters I say...some were not applicable to me), so here's the list of what worked for me and I added some of my own.

1.For 5 minutes each day, forget your plans and worries and live in the present, enjoying what's around you

2.Get it off your chest. Bottled-up feelings increase stress. If someone disappoints or upsets you, let them know..or let someone know.

3.Just say no. It's not being selfish-it's a great prevention against stress.

4.Take sleep seriously.

5. Nurture your friendships. Kindred souls will help you stay sane

6.Whatever you enjoy doing, give it a regular place in your life.

7.Make the morning rush less crazed by embracing an easy hair and makeup routine. (or the no make up routine)

8.Know your stress signals (e.g., tummy troubles or neck pain), so you can recognize them right away and take care of yourself

9.Give yourself credit. Under stress, we often focus on failure instead of moving forward to complete what needs to be done.

10.Give yourself a pat on the back…not to console yourself but to acknowledge that you may did not so fine but you’ll do better next time.

11.When you need a time-out, go out somewhere ( a place in the town or a place in your head) and listen to music

12.Walk whenever you can. Walk because you can.

13.Try retail therapy (only if the other busters won’t work…make it your last option if you don’t want to go broke!)..though retail therapy for me is some sort of an indication that I’m stressed…when I realized later that I just spent some money for some useless or not so necessary things…that’s when I try the other busters.

14.Ask for help. Remember that you don't have to do everything by yourself

15.   Keep a stress diary. You’ll realize patterns and you get to understand yourself more. (I call it mood mapping)

16.   Get enough sleep. When you're tired, even small problems seem so large. (Did I mention already to take sleep seriously?)

17.   Don't hurry out of the water…enjoy the shower. (this  is not applicable when you’re running late for work…on some weekends perhaps)

18.   Go for a brisk walk. Vigorous exercise burns nervous energy and pumps you full of feel-good endorphins

19.   Clean out your cabinet, purse, bag or desk drawer. This will boost your sense of control

20.   Try thinking worst-case-scenario to see how unrealistic overreacting is. If you're stuck on traffic, take the thought, "I'm going to be late," to a ludicrous point, "I'm going to be fired," to an even more ludicrous point, "I'm going to have to sell pencils on the street!" Feel your anxiety deflate.

21.   Fold laundry or do the laundry -productivity combats stress

22.   Plan a vacation. You don't really have to travel-the idea is to move your thoughts somewhere else. (though pursuing the idea of really traveling somewhere would excite you and would definitely give you good vibes) ;)

23.   Count your blessings. Focusing on what's going well in your life will give you perspective and make you feel better

24.   Search online for a short funny video to watch-laughter reduces stress hormones (Youtubing I say!)

25.   Think about the person who is stressing you out. Is she/he under pressure herself? Empathy helps defuse tension

26.   Call a friend who will listen without judgment. Not only will it help you to vent, but your friend's calmer state will rub off on you. ( a no-fail buster…works all the time. I’m very grateful to have my BBFF)

27.   If your heart is pounding, do not fight the symptom…ride it like a wave.

28.   Breathe slowly through your nose (with your mouth closed). Visualize your breath going to the center of your head, then going out. Do this 5 to 15 times

29.   Peel an orange. Breathe in the aroma as you tear away the skin. .. and enjoy eating the orange.

30.   Try scream therapy: Let out a shout in your head (I’d like to try screaming out in the field or  beach..might work out faster). You'll feel better afterward

31.   Say a prayer-it's one of the most potent antidote to stress. Connecting with a higher power helps you gain strength and clear your mind

32.   At work, walk over to someone's desk to talk, go to the watercooler, force yourself to move. It will relieve physical tension

33.    Sit up straight.

34.   Take three deep breaths-5 seconds in, 5 seconds out-to slow your heart rate and the pace of your stress hormones.

35.   Sit up straight.

36.   Read a new book or try a new ice cream flavor.

37.   Look around…you’ll realize you’re not just the one who’s on breaking point…and if you see happy people, then It’s an assurance that even if we’re having troubles right now, these too shall pass and better days are definitely coming.

...stress is one big pimple grower...we can't handle another stress due to pimple breakouts..(right?).p

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